Entering MNSSHP with Park Hopper

Last minute question, if we have park hopper, can we just enter at the regular gates? I see you can get wristbands at areas around the park and not just the party entrance. Would this be quicker than waiting in line at the party entrance? Will we miss out on the complimentary treat bags? Thanks! Planning to leave our hotel for the party tonight at 5:30 and ride the monorail over.

I honestly don’t know that it will save you any time. I have never had to wait a long time after 5. I have not gone this year but I have always received my treat bag when I have entered the bag stage area on the right, behind Main Street- by Tony’s. You will need your band. It has always been my first treat stop.

You can enter at the regular gates at any time if you have park hopper, but once inside, you have to get in line at one of the banding stations to get your wrist bands. The one in tomorrow land was really crowded. The line at the one by the carousel was a little shorter, but really, if crowds and long lines bother you, the 2019 MNSSHP isn’t what you should be doing.

I just wanted to make sure we weren’t standing in a line that is really meant for people without park day tickets, when we could have just walked in with our park hoppers. :slight_smile: But we did do the line at the entrance to the party and breezed right in.

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Awesome. Glad is was easy. What time did you show up at the gate?

I got there at about 3pm at the first 2019 MNSSHP and there was a few thousand people outside the front gate marshaled into lines. My family stood with a group for about 5 minutes until I asked a cast member why the line wasn’t moving. He who explained that these were waiting areas for the party only tickets. We squeezed through the crowd holding hands until we found a lane to the front gate.

I didn’t see a counter to get wrist bands when we entered the park. Maybe I was too early. It would have saved us about 30 minutes at the wrist band line later if we had been able to get wrist bands at the gate.

Because we have park hoppers and had already done MK earlier in the week & were doing Epcot that morning, our priority was to have the kids nap, eat dinner at the resort, and then get to the party. We planned on leaving our hotel at 5:30 for the 15 minute monorail ride, but a downpour started and didn’t let up until just after 6 which is when we left our room.
I think we entered the park around 6:20 if I had to guess, and there was pretty much no line, just 1-2 groups tapping in at each tapstile. We walked right through the party entrance and got wristbands with no wait at the entrance.
They were still doing party magic shots in the hub and got those done before the party officially started at 7.

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