Entering MK for pre-RD at BOG

I would love some help clarifying the entry process for Magic Kingdom. We will be arriving at MK for an 8:10am BOG reservation on a 9am opening day from AKL. I am willing to take the bus, Minnie Van (if available), or regular Lyft/Uber/taxi. I need to prioritize speed over cost as I can’t imagine I can get everyone out of bed much before 6:30am. Do all of these options drop me at the Ticket and Transportation Center? And then we take another bus, boat, or monorail to the Main Entrance?

Clearly this is my first Disney trip in a VERY LONG time. I’ll be traveling with my husband and 6 year old. I’d love clarification on this process and also advice from experienced Disney visitors on what you see as the best plan in this scenario. Thanks!

And if you are feeling extra helpful…any suggestions for a 8:05am arrival at Akershus on a day Epcot opens at 9am. Which gate? Which transportation? Again, prioritizing speed over cost. Sorry if I missed this information somewhere else. I’m really feeling my novice-ness.

Bus and Minnie van will drop near the main entrance, uber/Lyft/cab at the TTC. But you could ask to be dropped at the Contemporary and walk from there. From the TTC you get a ferry or monorail, though they will run a bus if those are down.

You’ll be fine getting the bus to EP, but your other options are the same. Uber/Lyft are likely the quickest though.