Entering in and out of Galaxy's Edge

On Nov. 22nd. my family will be at Hollywood Studio’s. We’re going to be rope dropping straight to Galaxy’s Edge. Once we leave the land, can we get back in later in the day? My nephew has a reservation for Savi’s and my niece has one for Droid Depot, both at 4:30. Have a magical day.

With reservations, they can get back in an hour before the ADR. But only guests on the reservation. And only 1 more for the Droid Depot or Lightsaber build.


Thank you

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So only guests with reservations can get into SGE if it is full? Is this confirmed?

This is assuming SWGE gets to capacity. If not, I am sure you can stroll around anytime. But you are guaranteed to get in of course with a reservation to Oga’s, Droid Depot, etc., 1 hour in advance of reservation. This is my understanding.