Entering a Reservation Number for a Cruise in 2021

I’m a subscriber to touring plans and have recently booked a cruise in 2021. The system will allow me to select a cruise from the itineraries sailing in 2021. However, when I come to the option of “fare tracker” or “enter a reservation number”, I click on “enter a reservation number” and am pushed to another page where I don’t see an option for entering a reservation number. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the page where cruise reservation number can be added?

Thanks for your help!


I can try to help you out. On which page are you trying to add a reservation number? We have the fare tracker and a reservation reminder if you would like to be notified on a certain date for things like shore excursions. I don’t believe we have a place to add a reservation number like we do with Disney and Universal hotels, although I may be forgetting something.

Thank you,