Enough time to get to Jingle Bell Jingle Bam?

We have an ADR to do the Spirit of Aloha Luau at 5:15. Wondering if it is feasible to go from the Polynesian to HS to catch Jingle Bell Jingle Bam at 8:30? I know the Luau takes around 2 hours, would an hour and 15 minutes be doable to get over to HS, through security, etc? and what mode of transportation do you think would be best? Thanks!

If you take a Minnie Van, Uber, or Lyft, I think it’s possible.

I have no experience with any of these. Minnie vans can provide car seats right? We have 2 in boosters a 1 in a car seat

Yes, the Minnie vans have car seats.

I think it’s too tight.

If the show is 2 hours, you then need to get out and book a Minnie Van. How long will that take to arrive? It’s Totally dependent on where they are and who else is waiting.

Then you have to get to DHS, and from the drop-off point to the gate. At the moment that’s a fair distance I believe, due to the construction of the new bus shelters. Then through security and up towards the Chinese Theatre.

I don’t know what time Fantasmic is on but that could impac5 the crowds. If it’s on at 8pm, there will be people trying to leave it early and make it up to see JBJB. If it’s not on until 8:30pm there will be last minute people trying to head there.

JBJB is projection based. If you can’t see the projection sites you’ll miss the main point of the show. You may only see the fireworks and not much else.

If it’s just fireworks you want, why not just watch HEA from the Poly beach?