‘Enjoy an extra Fastpass/Multiple Parks & Experiences’ alert this evening

Through park closing 7/11.

I’m guessing due to our Fantasmic show being canceled that I very last minute grabbed a FP for - my questions are:

  1. can we simply walk up to any listed attraction at anytime tomorrow and we will automatically get the green light?

  2. If that is the case, can we use this FP freebie at the end of the day while still using scheduled FPs and well beyond (FP roulette at MK tomorrow is what I have planned) all day tomorrow? For example, 7DMT (looks like it is one of our choices) at 10pm tomorrow night after having gone through 10+ scheduled FPs.


You can use it at any attraction that isn’t specifically excluded. I’m guessing it says something like “not valid at FoP, Slinky etc etc.

Yes, it can be used a5 any time, it doesn’t affect your other FPs or the ability to make 4th, 5th FPs.


Awesome - thank you!

Just make sure that you are in your window for your scheduled FPP so that it doesn’t use the anytime FP


This!!! Be careful of your windows…

Wait. Can some one clarify this? You have to use an “anytime” fast pass while you have other fast passes booked? Sorry - this confused me…

No, they are just saying to be sure you are using your booked FPP during the scheduled window (not a few minutes early or late), or the system may utilize your anytime FPP instead.

Oh. Ok. So use the booked fast pass as scheduled. Then use the anytime fast pass.

Sorry. Did you know that I am a blonde? LOL. It takes me a bit to catch on sometimes.

(And thanks for the help!)

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you can use them in any order…

But, be careful.

For example, you have a Space Mountain FPP on your account for 1pm-2pm AND you have an anytime FPP

if you show up before the window for your FPP opens and tap in to SM, it will use your anytime FPP

So, say, you arrive at 12:53 and tap into the FPP line at SM, it will turn green… BUT it might have taken your anytime FPP. WHen I have an anytime FPP on my account I ALWAYS hit my windows for the other FPP as written. I don’t take advantage of the grace periods. If my SM FPP is 1-2, I tap in between 1 and 2 (regardless of if the grace periods still work).

Make sense?

Now, that being said, you don’t have to use the SM FPP before you use the anytime… go ahead and use them in any order, just be careful as long as you have the anytime on your account.


Ok. I think I get it. Thank you.