Ending an MK day with a snacky stroll through Epcot

First, thanks for your patient indulgence of a newbie to the forums (I’ve had an account since December but just found this resource), as I ramp up my planning.

We’re going the first week of December and staying at the Beach Club. I quite like the idea of going to MK on a Christmas Party day, when the crowds should be lower, so we’re doing that two of our days. One of them, we’ll leave shortly after lunch, take a break at the hotel, and then head over to Epcot for a Via Napoli reservation.

Another, we’re planning to stay from RD until normal-people hours end at 6. We have a lunch reservation but no dinner plans. I was thinking instead of bussing back to the Beach Club we might monorail over to Epcot, and wander through to the International Gateway, picking up a snack along the way. Is this a brilliant strategy for getting a little more fun in on the way back to our hotel for the night, or is it going to be more of a hassle than it’s worth? I mean, I’m sure we’ll just see how tired we are and play it by ear, but I’d love a little input to inform our decision when the time comes.

(We’re also doing a third MK day where we do have tickets for the Christmas party–we will be there 8 nights.)

I think it sounds like a good plan. Monorailing it is a bit cumbersome, but not horrible.

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We stayed at BW in April and did it the other way around. our HS day, did via napoli for dinner, then monorail to MK for evening.
Another day after midday break, grabbed QS in Epcot and then took monorail to MK for another evening.
I’m sure it would work just as well going the other direction. Especially early enough in the evening if you aren’t really in a rush.

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That’s what we usually do on one or two of our MK days when we stay at a Boardwalk resort, works great! :+1:


I got a 7:00 Kona Cafe reservation, thinking that might me a nice way to end the day. May cancel later.