End of Oct - Dropping med/high priority ADRs

Good morning,

My Fastpass day is approaching and I’m finalizing my TPs and thus locking in my park days. With the SWGE uncertainty at my ADR booking time, I double booked a few meals so I could be flexible. I’m dropping the following and would be happy to coordinate a time with anyone looking.

Chef Mickeys (8 people) - 5pm, Monday 10/28

Garden Grill (two groups of 4) - 8:05am, Tuesday 10/29
Garden Grill (4 people) - 8:00am, Friday 10/25

Sci-Fi Dine In (8 people) - 11:30am, Monday 10/28
Sci-Fi Dine In (8 people) - 5:05pm, Monday 10/28
Sci-Fi Dine In (8 people) - 11:30am, Wednesday 10/30
Sci-Fi Dine In (8 people) - 5:00pm, Wednesday 10/30


Oh man, I got so excited - these are my dates but I need Sci Fi for the 31st. Close though! Thanks so much for posting this.

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Aww bummer! I do hope someone can use them.

Definitely try the Reservation Finder though. I imagine a lot of things are in flux this week and next as FPs get picked. I JUST got a Cali Grill dinner for my parents on 10/28 this morning!

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I have had the res finder going for awhile now…hopefully it will pop up one of these days. But thanks again for your efforts.

I just want to bump this ONE more time because I have not actually canceled and saw the 45 day suggestion on my dashboard checklist to “check for ADRs” so I’m thinking I definitely need to cancel so someone else can pick them up!