End of may trip

How early do I need to make reservations? If we don’t use it what happens? Any idea when fastpass shows up again?


Make park reservations as soon as possible. They start running out as soon as 6 weeks out, though often capacity is added or rebalanced. If you don’t use them, there’s no problem. But you do need to have park tickets to make reservations, though you can book a package (hotel + tickets) which can be be cancelled 30 days out if you don’t want to go (or you can buy your actual tickets by then and the park reservations will stick).

If you want table service dining, you will need to make your reservations ASAP, especially for popular restaurants.

Fastpass is not expected any time soon.


Is the 30 minutes early coming soon? We would prefer off site for part of the trip but can on site for part.

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It hasn’t been announced but consensus is not that soon. Offsite should be fine.

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