End of June Trip, MK to Epcot transition help needed!

I mostly need help with my June 29 TP. I am doing extra morning magic at MK in the morning, then transitioning to Epcot in the PM. I am staying at Boardwalk.

My main question is, I know Soarin can be a tough FP, so I was going to do RD at MK and hit as much as I can and then use my FPP at Epcot in the afternoon. I know I can book more FPP but I didn’t want to chance it. I am flying solo this trip so I can burn through stuff pretty fast.


Epcot PM

Thanks :slight_smile:

The first issue I see is there is no chance of you seeing Dapper Dans at 1pm and make it to Seeds tour at 1:20pm!! If I’m not mistaken, you’re paying extra for the tour. Do NOT be late for that!!! You are supposed to show up early, so I’d say you’d want to be there by 1pm. So, you should be on the monorail at MK around 12pm to make sure you can transfer from MK to EP in time.

You have 7DMT on there twice, probably on purpose. But if you removed the 2nd one, that will consolidate the rest of your list so you can probably get everything else in by 12pm.

Your EP plan is over by 8pm. I hope you plan to stick around for Illuminations at 9pm. If you’ve never seen it, you don’t want to skip that!

And yes, save your fast passes for EP!

Ah yeah I put Dapper Dans on there as a whatever, not an appointment. I have been erring on the side of putting things in id like to see and then optimizing the day of. And yeah Id like to do the mine train twice, as Ive only been on once.

Good catch about illuminations, I am doing that on another Epcot PM day when I do world showcase. But maybe Ill see it twice!