End of August Trip Planning

So, we (myself, DH, DD14 and DD11) will be arriving at WDW on August 23rd for a one week stay. It’s our fourth visit since 2011. We are staying at POP and have 6 day park hopper plus tickets and the DDP. We have been at this time in August twice before so we do know what to expect with the weather.

We have all of our dining reservations and aren’t likely to change those, but I would like some feedback on our general plan

Aug. 23: Arrive late afternoon at Pop to check in. 7 pm dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Aug. 24: Rope drop Epcot (9 am). Morning in Future World. Lunch at Les Halles and afternoon exploring WS (FEA and Agent P). Dinner at Via Napoli at 6 pm. We hope to stay for Illuminations.

Aug. 25: Morning at Typhoon Lagoon (10 am to 1 pm). Probably grab lunch there before heading to MK from about 2 pm to 5 pm. Plan to use 3 fastpasses and then monorail to Epcot for 7 pm dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel.

Aug. 26: Rope drop HS (8 am EMH). Hit rides in the morning, avoiding SDD and AS2. QS lunch (any suggestions?) and quiet afternoon of shows. Head over to Epcot for 4:50 reservation at Teppan Edo. Then back to HS for Fantasmic (hopefully with a 4th fastpass).

Aug. 27: Rope drop AK (8 am EMH). Hit rides in the morning including (hopefully) a fastpass for FOP. Lunch at Satuli Canteen. Back to resort around 1 pm for a break returning to park by 5 pm for 5:25 ROL package at Tusker House. We may skip ROL if it interferes with our plans to do KS and EE after dinner.

Aug. 28: Morning at Blizzard Beach (10 am to 1 pm). Probably grab lunch there before heading to AK from about 2 pm to 5 pm. Hoping for another fastpass for FOP. Bus to AKL for 7 pm dinner at Sanaa.

Aug. 29: Late start arriving at MK around 11 am for our 11:30 lunch at BOG. Spend afternoon there including FOF parade. Early dinner (4:15) at 'Ohana. Still looking for a slightly later time for that one. Back to MK to watch HEA and staying through evening EMH until 11 pm.

Aug. 30: Check out of Pop, load car and head to Poly for 9:30 breakfast at Kona Cafe before leaving for home.

We are planning to be somewhat relaxed at the parks. We have a few must do rides that we hope to get fastpasses for. Otherwise we will try not to be too busy. So, any thoughts?

We arrive on 8/23 for a stay at Pop as well.

On 8/24 we are hopping with MK in the morning and Epcot in the evening. There is a low crowd prediction for MK due to evening MNSSHP that evening. We did this last year and the crowd level was lower than our other MK day.

We are also doing a water park on 8/25.

QS at HS is thin. I was thinking Backlot but the Touring Plans Review of ABC Commisary has me rethinking this.

I’ll also be there the same time, Aug 21-29 at WL! Since you have park hoppers, I would also suggest taking advantage of the lower MK crowds on the party days, Aug 24 and 28. We are definitely going on the 28 and may do a EMH and a few hours on the 24th.

And the 25th is a waterpark day for us too! Haven’t decided on which one yet.

Hmmm. You’ve got us rethinking those first few days. We could rope drop MK on the 24th, stay till about noon and then hop over to Epcot for the afternoon and evening. On the 25th we could then go back to Epcot after Typhoon Lagoon. It would probably make for more relaxed days.

Would you save your fastpasses for Epcot on the 24th?

Yep. On the 24th, we would do MK and then AK with FPs. Same thing for MK+HS on the 28th.

I asked on the forum a few months ago and was reassured by many that the party days are great low crowd days. That said, we are also planning a full MK day on the 26th.

We’re still planning on a full day at MK on the 29th. 11 am to 11 pm! Looking forward to our first try at evening EMH.

wow - no mid afternoon breaks!
I was good in Jan, but I have been in Aug two other times and we always needed to take an afternoon break - I think the adults as much if not more than the kids LOL

Actually, our adjusted plan will have a few more afternoon breaks.

On the 24th, we’re going to rope drop MK leaving for Epcot before noon. We won’t head back to the resort but will plan some quiet time in the Land pavilion around lunch.

On the 25th, we’ll go back to POP after the water park and head to Epcot around 4 pm.

We already had a break planned for the afternoon of the 27th.

Seems like a lot of park hopping, especially 8/25 with TL, MK, EP. If you have an efficient plan for transportation between them and some stamina, it should work!

We’re switching the 25th to be just the water park and then Epcot with a bit of a break at the resort. Three of the six days we’ll only be hitting one park. (26th at HS, 27th at AK and 29th at MK) I’m trying to remember to keep it relaxed. I guess on the 26th we are heading to Epcot as well but only for dinner. We’re hoping for a leisurely boat ride in both directions.

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