End of August Disney

How’s Disney or Florida at the end of August? Not Labor Day but week before? Crowded? Unbearably hot?? Trying to figure out if a trip would be enjoyable for us. originally plan was not return for 3 years, but we are wanting to return! Thoughts?

Hot akin to the surface of the sun. I can’t answer for crowds, though. August in the South is grueling. Of course, everyone is different and handles heat differently. Someone would have to pay me to go to Disney in August.

That’s what Thinking… thanks for your thoughts!

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My family went that week this year and usually go the week after Thanksgiving. We LOVED it! There are longer hours and the Halloween party now starts that week and one night we did DAH. That was also amazing.

We would tour starting at rope drop then break for lunch at our resort or on indoor shows and rides and it consistently rained at 2:30 every afternoon. Rained about 45 minutes if that and then was gone for the afternoon. We had ponchos and got to be experts at spotting the incoming storms, but that was part of the fun.

We also brought lots of water, fans (because TSL and AK are hotter than the sun), and extra shoes for comfort. Breaks and hydration were key for us as we are sensitive to the heat.

We’re from Atlanta so we kinda know the heat and humidity so I say if you can handle it I would totally do it. The crowds IMHO were not much different than the week after Thanksgiving. We had a blast and although can’t go that week next year because my eldest is in college that week we are going the first week of August. I think we just brought a good attitude and were so happy to be in the World again! It was our best trip yet.


I went in the last week in August last year. It was my first proper trip. I had a fantastic time.

Crowds were fine. Entirely manageable. Weather was interesting to me because I’m from the UK. One day was very hot indeed and I just jumped from air conditioned building to air conditioned building. Much humidity. I sweated from parts of my body I didn’t know could sweat. One massive storm as we drove back to our house one night — excitingly impressive. One hour long rainstorm one afternoon — took refuge in a boat. One drizzly evening which somewhat spoilt the Halloween party for me — the fireworks and parade still took place, but they were late.

No regrets. Would go again at that time of year.


August (though I go the week after you’re talking about) is probably so far my least favorite time. Hot beyond hot. Humid beyond humid.

But it’s Disney so :heart_eyes:


Haha that’s kind of my thought— it’s Disney!

Also we have hot humid summers in VA… I know it’s even hotter there and I guess we will have to be outside more in Disney…

I love hearing the different perspectives!

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My kids don’t start school until after Labor Day, so we typically go that week. I love that week! It’s hotter than all get-out, but the crowds are low.

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It’s one of the lowest crowd times of the year. So hotter than hot, but very low crowds.

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I do like low crowds…

And my youngest would still be free. That’s a savings.

It’s also hurricane season, so the possibility of there being weather does exist.

I was thinking about that too! Kind of prime time for a hurricane. That would throw a wrench…

Crowds aren’t bad. Lodging rates are some of the lowest of the year. Don’t lose too much sleep over the temperature because high dew points will make every day muggy and sticky regardless of a few degrees of temp here or there. Wear light, moisture wicking clothing and plan on being uncomfortable outside. Hurricanes are a risk from midsummer to December (and the odd unseasonable storm has occurred), but not all hurricane seasons spawn hurricanes, and not all hurricanes head for WDW. I don’t think Orlando got any impact to speak of from Hurricane Michael this year.

Like any other season it involves trade-offs, but the advantages in costs and crowds can make it worthwhile for some.

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I’ve gone twice in early September which is basically the same weather. The trick is to just accept that you will be sweaty from the moment you walk outside your hotel in the morning until you return in the evening. If you want to have a non-sweaty dinner, it will need to be at a resort where you can shower and change clothes there. The worst part to me about it is there is no relief from the heat and humidity. Even when it “cools off” in the evening, the overnight low (at 5AM) might still be 78 degrees. And humid. The heat is worth it for the low crowds, IMO. Next trip, though, I’m not going to play hurricane roulette again, and will be going the week after Thanksgiving or the first week of December. I’m sure the crowds will be a little higher, but the cooler weather will compensate.

This year we got there on the afternoon of September 8th and the weather tricked us. It was overcast and a little rainy, and after walking around Epcot for a little while my wife and I both said the heat wasn’t that bad! The trick was we hadn’t looked at the forecast for that day and a rare cold front had come through and it was only about 82 degrees. That with the lack of sun made it very nice. That was the end of that. The highs the rest of the week ranged from 90 to 94.

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The key to the heat and humidity is to grab every air-conditioned opportunity you can. For example, you can walk up Main Street through the shops and be blissfully cool. I basically plotted every route like that.


Thanks everyone! Sounds doable if we can set our expectations! So we will see what the next few months bring!

Ok looking at school calendar my daughter gets out June 12… seems a little early Any input for mid June?