End of April and June '21 Hollywood Studios availability

I’m apologizing in advance if this was somewhere I couldn’t find. I have trips both end of April and June. I can’t find a single day for a Hollywood studios park reservation. If I understand, you can’t park hop until 2 and to get into the 2nd queue for Rise of the Resistance you have to be in the park at 1:00. So – what are my options here? Will capacity be added for resort guests? As of now, there is still capacity for annual pass holders. I know I can park hop at 2:00 to get to the rest of those rides and Mickey’s Runaway times go down by end of day. But the Rise of the Resistance is the one that will kill my kids.

Thank you in advance for help from all the experts here!

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

It seems like Disney waits until a lot of people cancel their APRs before the park’s show availability. If you have a ticket that is not already used to reserve a park, I would try to see if you can reserve it, even if it shows no availability.

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I have seen a thread on Lines chat about people refreshing the screen (using a PC) multiple times and having APRs for specific parks show up even though they had been full. Definitely keep trying.

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