Encountered a glitch on MK railroad

Just saw thread on Lines re glitches while touring. So thought I’d mention this one we encountered mid August. Had a few minor curve balls, was able to deal with handily especially b/c using PTP for first time this year.

The railroad’s schedule however almost threw the kybosh into one evening for us.

I had (I thought) diligently researched best way to exit MK after MSEP, very important since 2 preschoolers in fam. This was our only “late” night, and wanted to be prepared.

I could have sworn that everywhere I checked, RR was to be running again after MSEP. That was exit strategy to escape crowds.

Well, we waited- waited- in frontierland- no RR. Finally asked a CM- told it closes b4 MSEP, stays closed for the night!

I guess I could/should have double checked with park rides schedule, but really I was pretty sure had seen - in more than one place- that this was a good exit strategy.

Well, we did manage to survive the crush, with the terrif help of that CM and others, who advised us to go backwards toward HM! then take right b4 it, then a route through stores on right of Main st. whew. still, was a difficult few moments for sure. also, my Ddil was right, though Ds overrode her this one night - the 2yr old was not happy being kept out that late. Mamas know best!

Ooh, that sounds like a good strategy to exit during MNSSHP. Thanks!

Yes – Exiting Magic Kingdom during a parade, or after a big event with a big crowd, we always take that route:

  • Start at Casey’s Corner “back entrance”
  • Proceed through ALL Emporium shops
  • Exit into Town Square


It really was a lifesaver, that route. Also, I’m so glad the CM near RR told us to go backwards toward HM! Counterintuitive thing to do. Saved us from the crush in Adventureland leaving at same time after MSEP. There were other CMs just b4 the round walkway cirlcling the castle (forget proper name for that - you can see above at rogue’s map). They were directing folks which walkway to take from there, special escape route straight to Casey’s Corner!

Only thing that mystifies me is where I got mistaken notion that RR would be an escape route also. Maybe it used to stay open til later, then disney changed schedule? Could swear I read somewhere that was a good escape route option.

Shh… that’s my secret route!!

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We had a similar situation also. I, too, KNOW I read/saw that trains are/were open later in evening, well— NO TRUE! at all the times that I planned on using it.
Staza— what did we see/read that told us that!?

@42_Wallaby_Way- well, it is good to know I’m not imagining this. I seem to remember seeing rr as one of the possible escape routes per UG. But maybe it was just on Lines, as a topic of discussion, which I don’t know who started. Might have started it myself, but I’m pretty sure wasn’t my original idea.

Could have been a good escape route at one time, then dis decided to limit hours after people had used the route b4.

I would never expect that dis would limit any rides hours during the summer busy season, though.

thank goodness for all those helpful CMs who saved the day - or actually the night!

Ok— this way driving me CRAZY!!!, I had to find out where I saw/read this.
(need to make a change to UG)
Of the 2014 edition (and I know I saw it in earlier ones, but those copies are loaned to my brother at the moment)
page 542 “If you don’t have a stroller (or are willing to forgo the $1 return refund for rental strollers). catch the Walt Disney Railroad in Frontierland and ride to park exit at Main Street. Again, don’t cut it too close-- the train stops running after the parade.”
—ok, as we know now, the RR stops running WAY before the night parade(s) even begins.

So Stanza and I ‘thought’ we had a great escape route-- but not so.
(well, at least now, I know that I did not imagine this-- hope this settles your mind too, Staza)

Everyone have a marvelous day!

Thank you for finding that, @42_Wallaby_Way. Nice to know not imagining things.

Also, we did use that escape route 1st MK night, worked beautifully b/c got on train about 15mins or so b4 MSEP. Not really sure how much b4 parade it closes, but seems to me 15mins b4 worked ok.

As you say, problem with UG info is lead us to believe train would reopen after parade. But it does not. May have done previous years, not sure. But UG needs to correct/clarify that.