Enchantment questions

How important are the projections to the Enchantment experience?

We are here now & have a FW cruise booked for Saturday night. Trying to decide if we should try to view it in park as well.

If so- where do you recommend we watch? Preferably somewhere we can sit to wait OR somewhere we can walk up to last minute.

Thank you!

I tried to track this thread but the forum seems to not allow me to do that, so I am going to follow it by responding. I look forward to reading the responses!

Can others get the thread to track? Fixed!

A couple of weeks ago, we arrived at MK for Enchantment fairly late (45-60 mins before hand)and Main Street was pretty crowded (I think it was a crowd level 6 day). However, we were able to find some room near the Emporium/Casey’s Corner.

My DD5 loved the projections on Main Street and keeps talking about how the “the village” lit up.

I enjoyed the projections as well, however it’s not necessary for the show.


DW and I were just talking about this yesterday. I don’t know about everyone else but I have trouble when there is too much going on at the same time. The piro in me usually forces me to watch the exploding fireworks so I miss most of the projections. So this trip I watched the fireworks from BTMRR one night. Then another night stood in the hub to watch the projections. And finally last night stood halfway down main Street to see the projections on the buildings. Tonight we will watch them from our foom at BLT.

If you can deal with the crowds nothing beats watching them from the hub. This was the mass of humanity last night.


When @LTinNC82 and I were at the Dessert Party I could see just a bit of protections on Main Street but if I looked at them I was missing the fireworks. I too find the projections distracting and am unable to watch both castle projections and/or fireworks. I will focus on one, but I think the fireworks for Enchantment are meh so next time I want to find a place in Main St to watch the projections. NOW, the Christmas party fireworks are AMAZING! I watched them from my room at the Poly and knew there were projections but didn’t care. DH and I will have a theme park view at BLT in 2 weeks and we plan on watching both sets of fireworks from our room (my AP is blocked out while his isn’t. I have FL Gold he has sorcerer)