Enchanted Tales with Belle

I have read that children can participate in the play for Enchanted Tales with Belle. Does the Memory Maker include a video of the “performance” or is that something that we ourselves need to do? I am trying to get a good feel of how many extra memory cards we need with our camera.

MM wasn’t part of ETwB when we went in March. However, after the attraction everyone - whether they participated or not - was given a Disney PhotoPass card so that they could download pictures that were taken. It doesn’t look like any videos were included in it though.

Photog couldn’t scan ban. Gave us a card. We had MM, so we got the pic for free when we came home, I assume without MM we’d have had to pay. The code on card actually didn’t work, we had to email Customer Service and provide details (date and time, what our DD looked like or was wearing, etc.), and they got us the pics eventually. No video.

When we went in April we were given a photo pass card and I went to the photo shop at the front of Main Street and they pulled up all the photos that were taken at that performance and we selected the ones of our child and they were added to our memory maker. There were no videos.

Thank y’all!! So with the Memory Maker we will get photos of the event but no videos. That is helpful!! Thank y’all!!!