Enchanted Tales with Belle question

I’m assuming kids will get to take pics and get autographs from Belle at this, correct? If that’s the case i’ll be skipping the Meet Belle in France at Epcot.

I saw a couple kids who did not get a part to play, still get a chance to get a photo with her. But no autographs. They’re on a tight schedule. She’s in her yellow dress there, and in her blue frock at Epcot.

All of the kids get their picture taken with Belle, because all of the kids are offered a role. Even if they decline the role, they can still get their picture taken, but no autographs. The adults that are offered a role also get their picture taken with Belle as well.

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Not all children, my DD included, were offered a role when we went. They were all offered the opportunity to get a picture at the end and were given the pre-printed bookmark with Belle’s autograph.

When I say all children were offered a role, I meant they were offered a chance to hold one of the props. There are only a few roles. My daughter was the Beast one time and my other daughter held a candlestick. They do that so no child feels left out.

This was a GREAT attraction. Very low tech (except for the beginning). But just a charming resbit from the regular rides. They all do get a bookmark and time for a photo. I am sure, if quick you can get something done. I didn’t see any autographs - but no one seemed to ask. Very well work going to see though. I was a guard (one of the best they have had I am sure)!!

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Not all children are always offered a prop. Several children were not at the performance we went to.

When we were there the children who didn’t get main parts were offered other props to hold…dishes. etc. All of the children got their picture taken with Belle but there were no autographs. Belle was I think the only princess my daughter missed out on an autograph from

When we went last year, they offered every child a part (but only a few got main parts). Then all the kids got to come up one at a time for a picture with Belle at the end, but not an autograph. For the few kids who declined parts, they were specifically asked at the end if they wanted to come up for a picture. No child was ever left out, except by choice.

I am unsure about this event as I and my wife have never been to it. On the other hand if it is Belle and the Princesses your looking for consider Akershus Royal Table in the Norweigian parvilion . The Princesses come around to each table to sign autographs and you can take your picture with each of them. They also have a children’s parade where all the children follow princesses around the tables. If you buy a autograph book they will sigh it. Before you eat you are taken in to have your picture taken with Belle I believe. You can then buy this picture at the Disney Photo Center. You used to get it for free with your reservation and Dinning, but alas they now charge for it. DocHopper

I found this experience to be charming for lack of a better term. There are a few effects in the beginning that are really cool - after that it is purely up to the cast members and participants. Nothing fancy, nothing OH WOW other then Belle being bell - but remember leaving it with a sense of “THAT is entertainment”.

As previously stated there is plenty of time to meet / greet Belle and she gives each child a book mark. No autographs but time with Belle. Our Belle was excellent with the kids - both willing and reluctant. She got down on the floor to their level. This is OLD Disney.

I remember the line being long and thought “this better be worth it” It was but not in my pre-conception of it.