Enchanted Tales with Belle for a 12 year old girl

Hi everyone,
Would a 12 year old girl like Enchanted Tales with Belle or is it more for younger kids?

How much does she like Belle?

I think this is the key point. I’m… a lot older than 12… and I liked it.
But I’m a BATB fan.
(They wouldn’t let me play any of the parts, though).


We are skipping it with DDs 12 and 8 BUT we have done it many times before. Everything is interesting the first time. My DH was picked to be a knight almost every time. Great pics. That being said, I would not make it a priority if you are short on time. It is for younger kids who are still into princesses.

And how willing is she to participate? My kids like Belle and last time they didn’t want to participate and we didn’t enjoy it quite as much

My family loved it and we are a) all adults over 23 and b) didn’t play any parts. We wanted to experience it because of the magic mirror effect (which we enjoyed). We are very interested in Imagineering and special effects.

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I think a 12 yo may still enjoy it but not as much. Again, how much does she like Belle? I don’t think you’d be wrong skipping it either if your plan doesn’t allow unless this is your only chance for Belle and she’s a must see You will get a photo opp with her but she won’t sign a book. DH and I did enjoy it though.

My daughter was 11 last time we did Enchanted Tales w Belle. She loved it. My 7yr old son also loved it. So did my wife and I. I really think that experience for the first time will be enjoyed by all no-matter your age. :slight_smile:


@qwerty6 and @Flutegarden she likes Belle I think? She is at a weird age right now where she is too busy being cool. But its just her and her parents so no one to be uncool around. That is why I am struggling. It’s coming down to a fastpass decision. We are doing EMM and have a really good plan I think. It’s coming down to do I get a fastpass for this or a fastpass Jungle Cruise? I haven’t seen ETWB so I don’t know what to expect. After that if we are not too exhausted we still my try for a 4th fastpass and do the other one. But I don’t want to stay too late at MK because we are also doing DAH at AK that night. WWYD?

That’s a good question. She’s in the awkward preteen where she sorta still wants to be a kid but also wants to be an adult.

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@Pod listening to you over the years. I think you might like everything!


Belle is my favorite so at the age of 52, me and DH see it every time. It’s on our “must do” list.

And yes, I’m THAT adult that stands in line with the kids for pictures with Belle in her gold dress.


I would look up the show on YouTube. I don’t think it would be an easy 4th FP to pick up. Could you maybe do it shortly after emm is over instead?

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So JC isn’t a fabulous ride but the line is far worse than ETWB so that’s a factor. On the other hand JC would be easier to pick up same day. ETWB is usually gone day of.


@Flutegarden that’s what I was thinking. Also we will be going on the last evening and if we don’t get a same day jungle cruise pass I could pick one up for that night.

I think my plan will work. All of the rides that are not part of EMM we are rope dropping and according to tour plans we will be in good shape I think. I hated the idea of wasting a FP on ETWB but we are rope dropping space mountain and others. Then FP for POC and BTMR. And then a third. Splash is closed when we are there.

I think it’s pretty fun for most ages, especially if she’s willing to participate. We tried it for the first time recently b/c we did pick up a mid-day FP, and my 12 yr old boy was selected to be Beast. He was horrifically embarrassed, but played his part well and it was the best thing I have ever seen. :smile:

I think the CMs have a way of helping break through that awkward “I want to be a kid but maybe I don’t” phase. Hard to say though …

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Went with my daughter last February and she was given a part in the show and was thrilled. Did I forget to mention she was 30?..!


My family loves that movie, and my DD(7 at the time of our first WDW trip) was about the right target age. Yet me, a 40-something male was the only one who liked it. I’ve never been able to get them to go back to Enchanted Tales again. I think the key was that DD is shy and didn’t want to participate. If she was in the spirit, it would be a must-do and age would not matter.

@BenF12400 :rofl: