Enchanted Escape

I have already booked a room at the All Sports Resort for the end of September-first of October. I called Disney today to see if they could apply the Enchanted Escape discount (20% off) to my room reservation rate. The lady I spoke with said they could not. She advised me to call back periodically and check to see if that rate might become available. I’ve never done this before, can someone please explain to me how this discount works?

From my understanding All Disney Packages have a limit on the number of rooms. Lets say they allow 300 rooms at that rate. Once those 300 rooms are placed on hold there will be no availability for the package. Travel Agents can put a 3 day hold on these packages for 3 days with no deposits, if no deposit is made within the 3 days the hold is removed and the package is available again. This happens a lot with Free Dining. Travel agents will place holds for a lot of their customers and then the customers never make the deposit, in this case you See availability on the 1st day of release and on the 4th day after the holds expire. That is the reason they have you call back, they never know when a hold will expire and allow you in, or someone could cancel the package you want, which allows you to book.


Thank you for sharing that info! I will keep calling then!

Yes, keep calling!!! Sometimes worth calling twice a day. Not sure where you are calling from (in the states)) but I suggest calling early am (7) and late (10) Disney time. Possibly get ones that were released previous evening or during late evening after someone cancels during the day. Plus, and this is important, if you get a CM that has no clue about the discount say thank you, hang up and call back until you get one that does. This happens frequently. Basicly keep calling until you get what you want.

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make sure you take a look at the various packages that may be available and do the numbers. remember there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE. However at the values - the FREE dining usually does outweigh any room discounts. HOWEVER also look out at hotels.com etc so see what room rates are there - a lot of times they are cheaper.

I almost always do my WDW vacation a la carte - almost always cheaper and allows for greater flexibility

1 - room - book via hotels.com or whatever will give me the cheapest rate. Plus you have more flexibility if you have to change dates etc
2 - tickets - buy on Undercover Tourist or some other valid 3rd party - save TONS of money
3 - never really worry about Dining plan - as I find the value in it very limited. It used to be awesome - but now - not so much. I have found that the only time it is really worth it for my family is if we do a lot of character meals as they are expensive - but we don’t do many any more.

So if you are doing this to save - which I assume you are - just do some other shopping around.