Empty Welcome Packet

In today’s mail I received an Incredibles Welcome Packet/Box for my room-only reservation next week. It’s a small grey box with a little brochure inside, but nothing else. There’s a foam piece inside that has a shape cut out in it, but nothing in it and nothing else included inside the box. Anyone have a clue what is missing from my packet?

It’s supposed to have a flash drive in the foam insert. It’s basically more advertising. I’ve seen a couple reports this week from people saying the drive was missing. Sounds like there must have been a snafu in shipping this week. You aren’t missing out on anything vital though.

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Thanks for your help.

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The drive itself is kinda cool looking (a white circular shape, like the Mickeys you tap your band against in the parks, but from a practical standpoint it’s pretty useless for vacation planning. The only thing on the drive is a link to http://www.disneyworld.com/incredible/ (which redirects to your MDE “My Plans” page).