Emoticon possibilities

@EthicalAddict suggested we start a post testing the emoticon possibilities on this forum. I know that typing a colon will trigger a pop up menu for a few. These are the ones I can access on my phone. smile smiley wink sunny blush Has anyone discovered any others?


Thanks @SallyEpp_cot I am excited to use all the fun emoticons that we discover! heart_decoration

I find that if you start by typing the colon then write a letter after it pop up a few option of emoticon frog
I'm on a laptop so I don't know if it's the case on a phone.

I'm going to test your theory! frog sparkles oh this could be dangerous!! ha!

Cool. How did you do the frog, @MasterSorcerer? I assume the heart was less than + three. I'm going to try it. <3

Hmm... That didn't work.

nail_care bath toilet bear


@EthicalAddict are you on a phone? Mine is charging and too lazy to go get it haha.
@SallyEpp_cot I did a colon and put an f after but I think if you put a colon+frog+colon it'll work. zap
Also if you are on a computer and you wanna know what the other wrote to get an emoji, just put your mouse on it and what was use will pop up smile because if we wrote exacly what we use it'll put the emoticon on haha.


Trying the colon + letter method. :b it works! I did colon + b to get a blue book. It's really hard to see on my phone though. (My PC is being "fixed" by DH so I'm stuck with my phone.)

@MasterSorcerer No, I'm on my PC - I was wondering if I could use my IPhone emoticons that are already set on my phone? I'll check on that later. Do you have an Android or an IPhone?


@TianasPlace that's awesome!!! how did you do that?!

Or you could just cheat like me lol



@EthicalAddict I have an Iphone 5s! I didn't have any issue posting with it earlier, but I didn't think to look for an emoticon so maybe it's there.

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Its magic! I googled Disney emoticons.


Ouhh tricky @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 I didn't think of that smart!




Wahhhh! I can see them as an option on my phone but they're not showing up when I try to use them. I wish DH hadn't chosen this week to mess with my computer! cry