EMM worth it?

Question- Looking for opinions on EMM. I like the idea of getting fantasyland done and multiple rides of my kids favorites. Also not worrying about a FP for 7DMT.

We are going after Easter, so should be fairly busy and my kids are 3 and 6.

Im wondering if anyone who has done it recently can tell me how many rides did you got done during it?

I haven’t done it, but I am planning to with a 5&7 year old in May. All I’ve read (which is a LOT…I’m obsessive lol!) points to the fact that it is easily possible to do ALL the things. Some more than once. (Although most people do say to skip IASW because it takes up a huge chunk of time and is easy to ride later, but I don’t know that you’d HAVE to if you really wanted to do it) Just don’t eat breakfast until after 9. I’ve read lots of comments and reviews and watched many videos, etc. So hopefully someone answers you who’s actually done it, but I’ll say that all I’ve ever read has me convinced it’s worth it (especially with little people who might stink at waiting in long lines)

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Thank you!! Ive been reading some reviews. Thanks for mentioning its a small world. maybe we will save that for a different time.

So I just bought the tickets. They would be available one minute gone the next so I bought them.

Now just want to be convinced that its worth it!

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It is totally worth it! You will have almost no waits on everything. I went back to my most recent TP when I had EMM. I was able to do the following:

2x Pooh / 2x PPF / 3x 7DMT / Met Cinderella / went to eat at 9:35am - arrived and eating at 9:45am

I could have done more, but I wasn’t rushing / running to each ride. I took time to look around a totally empty Fantasyland and take pictures.

I’d avoid IASW because it’s 15 minutes ride & Little Mermaid because it is so far away from everything else. Mermaid is pretty easy to walk on with little wait throughout the day.

I love a lot of the fantasyland rides but the lines are long. I do EMM almost every trip. I can ride all the rides open and ride seven Dwarfs multiple times. It is totally worth it. My fast passes are saved for other rides.

I did EMM two weeks ago with DH, DD4, and DD1. We rope dropped Peter Pan. Then got right back on it. Then DH rode 7DMT while I took the kids to meet Cinderella and Elena. DH was the only person in the entire train. He was done at the same time we were. We all met Rapunzel and Tiana. Then DH took the kids to Under the Sea. I rode 7DMT and there were only two other people in the train. Then DH and DD rode the teacups three times and Peter Pan one more time. We purposefully did not do Small World given the length of the ride and the availability of fast passes and DD didn’t want to do the carousel or the Winnie the Pooh rides. But we could’ve done both of those and skipped one of our repeats.

We absolutely could have rope dropped Buzz or Space or what have you when they let the regular crowds in and been ahead there, but we wanted to meet Merida next and she was late, so we went to breakfast at just after 9 and then got in line for her at 9:20.

Have so much fun. EMM is wonderful!

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Thank you for writing this! Wow I’m happy I booked!