EMM with touring plan

Hi! This is my first post - I’m relatively new to touring plans but am kind of addicted!!

I have a question about EMM at MK and how that affects my touring plan. During the EMM hours, the touring plan is showing 5, 5, and 17 minute waits for Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and 7DMT, respectively. Can this be accurate? From what I’ve been reading about EMM, you can ride the attractions over and over with no wait. Or should I just ignore the EMM time and make my plan starting around 9:30am excluding the three EMM attractions from my list?
Thanks in advance for your advice!

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I’m confused on what your question is.
If you bought tickets for EMM, here’s how it works (loosely)

The rides will only be open for guests with a the special wristband from 7:45-9am. Depending on the amount of ppl, and the cm, you might have to get off of the ride and walk through the q to get on the ride again. You MIGHT be able to stay in the same seat without walking through the q - it all juts depends. I’d assume that 7d would be the most popular of the three you’ve listed - 17 minutes might be “safe” depending on how many ppl are around, but I’ve heard stories about walking right on with no waits. I’m pretty sure that if you target whichever ride you’d like to go on the most 1st, you will get your fill with no issues. I’m not sure it’s worth worrying about adding to TP. figure out what you want to do (including pictures in an empty MK,) then head to chow down sometime before 10am - (I’d start heading to bfast at 9:30, but that’s me) and then start your TP for when you’d like.
I’m going with conventional wisdom - not “wasting” the paid ride time eating the breakfast, but ymmv, of course.

When doing EMM, we’ve had absolutely no wait for any of the rides (we’ve done it twice so far). Got in 9 rides on 7DMT, one on PP and two on WTP (and once on the carousel the time it was open as well). I don’t use a plan for those hours. We typically head to Space Mountain at 9am, Buzz just after we leave there and do breakfast at 9:45ish. Then we head to Frontierland for our first fastpasses.

Thanks for your reply!

Sounds like a good plan, thanks!