EMM @ TSL Plan

I’m considering buying the Early Morning Magic in Toy Story Land for August.

  • I only have one day available for Hollywood Studios so this helps get a lot of stuff in.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy an extra meal above the Dining Plan so that offsets some of the cost.
  • Going to do it on the first morning after arriving so DS7 & DS9 should still be eager to get going.
  • We have seen Little Mermaid and Beauty & Beast shows in the past.

Here’s the plan–

  • 6:15 Leave hotel
  • 6:45 Arrive at HS front gate
  • 7:00 Backlot Express for Pastries & Coffee
  • 7:15 Do Toy Story Land characters meets first before lines get long
  • 7:45 An hour for TSL rides
  • 8:45 Leave TSL, go to JTA signup
  • 9:00 Breakfast back at Backlot
  • 9:30 Star Tours (FP 9:15 )
  • 9:40 Tower of Terror (Could not get FP, so we will live with the wait)
  • 10:20 Lightning McQueen (Skip if running short on time)
  • 10:40 Ready Set Party Time (Skip if running short on time)
  • 10:50 Rockin’ Roller Coaster (FP 10:30)
  • 11:20 Get kids to JTA rehearsal after mandatory toilet break
  • 11:40 Enjoy JTA show
  • 12:00 Head to hotel for pool

I’d like to get an 11:30 ToT fast pass. Then we would sign up for the 10:20 JTA performance after Star Tours and hit ToT at the end. Should cut down on the walking. Got my fingers crossed that the renovations are fixed up by then.

The other option I considered was to skip JTA and hit ToT at 8:45 with the rope drop crowd. Seemed like unnecessary walking up and down sunset boulevard and the ToT wait queue isn’t that bad as long at it is less than 30 minutes like the plan calculator predicts.

I’m going to throw a wrench in your plans and point you to the thread about no storm troopers after 7/7, because it also says there’s no times listed for JTA after that. They may get added, but it may a good idea to plan without it, and be excited if they add it.

That said, we did the TSL EMM last fall and found that having breakfast later was a pretty good plan because everyone seemed headed to the food first and when we got to TSL it was a ghost town. I think we did Slinky Dog like 4 times in a row before there was any wait at all.


I think for JTA you have to get there half an hour before the show time. Otherwise they may offer the place to a child on the waitlist.

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I don’t think they are cancelling the attraction.
I think the JTA times post later than many other Attractions.

When I look at the JTA times today, I see them posted through 7/27.

My only thought is to switch your breakfast time at backlot with ToT.

With the reduced capacity of ToT right now, standby lines could be unpredictable. You could still do JTA signup at 8:45, then RD ToT at 9:00 right after that.

Then breakfast at 9:45 am after Start Tours. It says they serve breakfast through 10 am, but as long as you’re there by 10 am, you can still eat.


This looks like the new normal this year–

I might need to plan on the 8:45 ToT ride time.

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:open_mouth: I thought that chart was a joke until I looked closely! Unpredictable is an understatement.

When are you going? I have a very similar plan for late Aug with EMM, then trying to sign my DS4 up for JTA and RDing ToT. If you are going before me, I’d be interested to see what you end up doing and how it goes.

I am going Aug 12th. There’s always the chance that I find the magic FastPass. Or maybe they complete the renovations early. You know, large complicated work projects involving lots of people almost always get finished before the expected completion date. Oh Snap! I might have gotten that backwards again.

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“The Family” has requested that I get them on Tower of Terror, so here’s the updated plan.

  • 6:20 Leave hotel
  • 6:50 Arrive at HS front gate
  • 7:00 Backlot Express for Pastries & Coffee
  • 7:20 TSL characters meets
  • 7:40 One hour for TSL rides, try to do all twice
  • 8:40 RopeDrop run to ToT
  • 9:10 JTA signup for 11:40 Performance
  • 9:30 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Star Tours (FP 9:15 )
  • 10:25 Rockin’ Roller Coaster (FP 10:30)
  • 10:40 Ready Set Party Time (Skip if running short on time)
  • 10:50 Lightning McQueen (Skip if running short on time)
  • 11:10 Get to JTA rehearsal after mandatory toilet break
  • 11:40 Enjoy JTA show
  • 12:00 Head to hotel for pool

There’s a risk that all of the JTA slots may be full or that the JTA line is longer than 20 minutes. If that’s the case, I guess JTA gets skipped.

The 9:30am “day of” fast passes come too late to decide what we do at the Rope Drop, but I spot an 11:30 TOT fast pass during breakfast, we can always walk back and get a second ride if we are feeling up for it


Keep us posted on how it works out!



We got there at 9:55. We ordered our hot items then scrambled to beat the clean up crew to the rest of the breakfast, but it was worth it. We RD RNRC x2.


I misunderstood the schedule…