EMM Transportation

We will be doing EMM at HS this summer. I have read mixed reviews about taking the bus to EMM, we will have our car but I wasn’t sure if the parking lots are open that early.

Does anyone have an experience with EMM and the most reliable and easiest transportation?

Also, for people who have driven their own cars–is self parking usually a hassle? By hassle I mean long lines to enter parking, etc. I know MK you have to go through the TTC so mainly for the other 3 parks.


We did HS EMM in October and decided to Uber. There were definitely buses running early - we missed one at Pop around 6:15 and there wasn’t another scheduled to arrive until 30 minutes later which was cutting it too close for me.

I think if you keep an eye on the bus arrivals you’ll be fine but maybe be ready to jump in the car if needed? I think you can still park if the attendants aren’t there.

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The most reliable will be your own car.
Next will be uber.
Parking shouldn’t be a big deal, assuming you’ll be early and on time - which, for the price, you should be making it a point to be early and on time.

My opinion is this: for the price of EMM, I wouldn’t rely on a dis bus. It’s so much easier to use Uber and KNOW what time you’ll need to wake up, since you’ll only have to wait a few minutes for an uber.

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The parking lot will definitely be open. If you arrive before 7:00 you may get there before the actual booths are open and save yourself $25. This happened to us at both Epcot and MK in February.

We drove to HS EMM and arrived a couple of minutes after 7:00 and the toll booths were open. We were able to park super close and walk to the entrance. It was easy peasy! We were staying offsite, so buses weren’t an option.

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Oops - it just computed that you’re staying onsite so you don’t have to worry about parking fees anyway! :slight_smile:

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My experience in March was that it was easier to get a Minnie Van for EMM than it was for regular park openings. If you don’t mind the expense of the Minnie Van, it’s a solid option.

I would also add that we didn’t find there was much value in arriving at MK for EMM at 7:15 vs. say, 7:30 so don’t stress too much about your arrival time.


We took the bus in February. No problem at all. It arrived at the Poly at 6:36 and we left after loading a couple of EVCs by 6:42. We were there, through security, checked in and back to the commissary by 7:10.


Thanks everyone! We usually just take the buses but we always have our own car so I don’t know why we’ve never just driven with free parking. I guess I am always afraid of sitting in line at the booths for 30+ minutes.

Are the parking areas pretty easy to navigate if there are no attendants? I’m assuming it is all clearly marked since it is Disney after all. Just want to be sure though!

The parking areas are well marked and easy to follow. When we arrived at HS at around 7:05, there was absolutely no traffic around. We drove right to an open wicket, paid and parked with no stopping at all.

We had the same experiences at MK and Epcot parking lots when we arrived early - hardly anyone around at all. We drove right through. And even when the booths were unmanned as they were at MK and Epcot, there were still parking attendants walking around the lot that you could approach if you had questions etc. Or at least, that was our experience!

We did EMM at HS in December and drove. There was someone at the parking booth, but there definitely wasn’t a line. We parked just behind the preferred parking–so it was an easy walk to the front of the park.

I’ve never done EMM, but I can say that we’ve never had a problem with parking at the parks (we always bus it to the MK, but drive to the other parks). On days when we’ve RD’d, there are CMs waving you in and parking you in a very orderly fashion. Sometimes if you get to the parks early enough there’s no one manning the entrance booths, so you get free parking.

The only slightly annoying thing about bringing your own car to the parks is that if you’re parked far away from the entrance of the park, it’s either a serious trek by foot, or waiting for the trams (which I always thought was a legit ride when I was younger). Also, don’t forget to take a picture of where you parked!