EMM transportation?

We are doing the early morning magic in march. Will the monorail be running at 7am ish for us to arrive by 7:30. Or are we better taking an uber or Minnie?

Here is the weekly times guide to help you know your options closer to your trip:

This is really useful, thank you, I’ll check it again closer to our trip. The guide says that buses start running 45 minutes before park opening, does this mean you have to take an uber if you have a PPO breakfast reservation? I had heard we could get into MK as early as 7.45am…

No, there should be an early morning breakfast bus. On property, I would look in the app for the buses and if one is not scheduled to come, change to Uber/Lyft.

We are planning on a Minnie van at the moment, but we are leaving enough time to catch a bus if need be.

That link is awesome! I’ll definitely be checking it prior to our trip. thank you!