EMM Tickets After They Are Sold Out?

Has anyone been able to snag EMM tickets after they have been sold out (i.e. managed to snag someone else’s cancellation)? If so, when/how did you get them? I’m looking for October 21 but they are already all gone. Any thoughts on whether the club level concierge might be able to get them for me (we will be at CL at the GF)? I know they are pretty limited, i.e., only sell around 200 or so.

I have gotten them after they were sold out. It was for the 5/22 EMM and I got them about a week before. Just kept looking on the website and finally it popped up. I had snagged a BOG PPO ADR earlier in the week after I had pretty much given up on the EMM and one day, ‘poof’, there it was! So keep trying.

Thank you! Ah, so good to know it’s even possible.

For EMM you have 3-5 days (i don’t remember exactly) to cancel. So I would keep looking periodically but as you get closer I would be looking daily. Good Luck, EMM if fun!!

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I was just going to look up the cancellation period with that idea in mind. I just checked on the website and did note available tickets right now for the next couple of EMM days coming up in August, indicating that you all are correct, openings likely pop up close to the day of.

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What’s EMM?

It’s Early Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom. Starts at 7:45 and gives you access to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Plan, exclusive to those who purchase EMM until 9:00 when the park opens, plus a hot breakfast that is served until 10:00am.

A couple months ago there were no EMM for my late Sept/early October trip. I have randomly checked since then, but nothing. Today I happened to find availability for one of the days. Can’t hurt to randomly keep checking.

Agree with others. Keep checking. I went to switch my EMM days recently, but nothing was available on the day I wanted. A few days later, 2 tickets were available, but not 3 that I need. I booked 2 and then a few days later I was able to book a single one. These are for the end of August. So keep checking!

Thanks! Actually that’s a good idea – to do a search for fewer tickets that I need and try to acquire them piecemeal. Great to hear that this is possible.

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How far in advance do they determine when they will do EMM or DAH?

My EMM dates for late Oct we’re booked on day 180.