EMM recent experiences

Can people share their recent EMM experiences? I’m interested how it’s going for everyone as crowds pick up over spring break. Thanks!

The reason I’m asking is because people posted a while back that they were upset with rides being down and crowd levels being high. If I average out the reviews it seems those are more likely exceptions and not the general rule.

I was one that posted about my 1/28 experience (Early Morning Magic -- Has it jumped the shark?). The numbers that day may have been higher because that was the only EMM offered that week. I don’t know. It wasn’t bad–it was just not as good a value as it was a couple years ago. I did not feel we got our money’s worth. YMMV

We went Feb 13 and it was great! We didn’t wait for anything.

Circling back on this thread. We did EMM on 3/10. It was likely fully sold out. A huge group was there on our day.

  • Our strategy was to do PPF first as a huge group went straight for SDMT.
  • We did PPF twice right away as we didn’t want to waste time walking back and forth.
  • Our daughter saw the carousel and wanted to do it. So we did it. It was fine but not a good use of time. That was probably 6 minutes and not a good use of time.
  • We did Winnie the poo
  • We then went to mine train. We thought people would have scattered by this point. The wait was really long. Barely got in 2 rides.
  • This left us about 6 minutes left prior to 9:00. So we did the tea cups quick and got ready to RD buzz light year.
  • There were only about 30 of us lined up by the tea cups, however the cast members held us to long and a huge hoard of people rushed SM and BLSRS. We still got on quickly had breakfast at 9:30. Most people did what we did and breakfast was busy at 9:30. We really enjoyed the breakfast.

Overall it was worth it and we enjoyed it, however it would have been nice to get another ride or 2 on mine train while skipping the carousel and tea cups.