EMM or Partial day ticket

I was sold on getting partial day convention tickets to go to MK on our travel day. My main reasoning for this was so we could catch the fireworks and maybe get a few late in the day fastpass to make our full MK day a bit easier. Now EMM is being offered and the prices are nearly the same so I don’t know what to do. I feel like doing the EMM would mean we’d have to take a mid day break so the kids would be up to catch HEA. If we have to take a 2+ hour break I’m concerned we won’t be able to get as much done making me think EMM might not be worth it. (On top of that when we went back to the room on our first trip my kids did not sleep a wink)

I’m so conflicted, any advice. (We currently have PPO for our MK if that sways your opinion)

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EMM is only for Fantasyland. Half day ticket covers the whole park.

If unlimited walk on to Fantasyland rides is a priority, then EMM.

Half day with some good FPP will spread out the time to enjoy MK.

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I vote for doing EMM and HEA with a long midday break.

If you do EMM, you can cover all of FL in a little over an hour. At RD, you can knock out another big ride with little to no wait, and maybe 1-2 more rides before crowds build. Then, knock out 3 more rides with FPP. By noon, you can have most of the park covered. Take a 4 hour break and come back to MK for dinner and a few more rides. Then HEA. Totally doable! I’ve done it with my then-DS 4 twice.

IMO the parks are at their best in the early morning and in the evening anyway. Midday is either too hot or too crowded or both… don’t know how old your kids are but that’s when my kids start to melt down.

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What put us over the top for getting EMM is the more relaxing start-of-the-day experience. Doesn’t seem like you’d need to get there much earlier than the start time, and no standing in a slowly growing mass of humanity with young kids.

So that is part of my dilemma. The parade is a must for me and since we’re going in June the parade won’t start until 3. So that means taking a short break or taking the longer break and getting back right at the time we should be getting a spot for the fireworks. I would have knocked out fantasy land which is a big bulk of our day (kid 8,5,2) but would I still be able to get a good grasp and experience the rest of the park with that break. Here lies my confusion.

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Have you all been before, or is this your first time? Also do you have more than one day? It’s hard to get the whole park done in one day and feel satisfied either way. Seeing HEA, making RD, and trying to get everything in one day will be exhausting.

I do actually think you’ll do more and be less exhausted if you do EMM with a break. Though it does complicate things if you’re trying to do the parade too.

You could also consider just leaving the park and going to the contemporary, poly, or GF and just relax and have a long TS lunch to get away from the park for an hour or two.

Time of year also matters. It’s hard to go all day when it’s 90 degrees in June. It’s much easier when it’s 70 and not humid in February.

Where are you staying? If getting to and fro the hotel isn’t complicated, then a shorter break is doable. And, sometimes, a “break” doesn’t really mean you have to go back to the hotel and nap or swim. I found with DD4 (with whom we went 2 weeks ago) mostly just needed “downtime” - so a lengthier meal in a quieter restaurant where she could color for awhile. Or taking in a show where she could sit out of the sun. Or even just finding one of the play places - like Tom Sawyer’s Island or the splash pad. I don’t know the stroller situation with an 8 year old but I even considered just walking over to the Contemporary for awhile to force some quieter time with my kids (4 and 1).

I’d also advocate here the Tony’s Parade Package if the parade is a must do for you - the food and service aren’t great and it’s more than you need (particularly if you do EMM - we did both the same day) but the cost is reasonable and having reserved seats for the parade meant we didn’t have to fight the crowds or worry about getting to a place super early. You are, however, required to be there by 2:45 and since it’s the end of the parade route, you wind up waiting for a good 30-35 minutes anyhow. But we had a park bench and space for the kids to play. it sort of “forced” some downtime. Plus, you’re right near the exit - we left right after since we had done EMM that morning and it wasn’t bad. You could always do EMM, the parade, then take a dinner break/rest before heading back before HEA?!

So it’s our second time but my bonus baby’s first time. He is really the reason HEA is on my Must do list it’s a great show but I think my crew would enjoy the rides more. (My DD fell asleep last time but we are going to take her back on her 5th bday so not so pressed for her to see it.) with how our plan stands now we have a 5 o’clock ohana reservation I could try to move that at up and just relax at the poly.

Because we are going in June (first week) my plan was to strategically place inside attractions/shows to give us down time which ever way we decide to go. My husband took a nap in muppet 3D on our last trip and swears it was the best thing ever lol. I don’t hope to hit everything but definitely want to hit the mountains and a few things we missed last time like HM, Buzz, and maybe pirates.

I actually read your trip report and that’s what had me take another look at EMM.

We are staying at ASM my thought last were to swing for a Minnie van to get us back to the resort quicker.

We did Tony’s and September and I really thought about doing it this time since we are on the DDP but my kids did not eat a thing. Even my little Cookie Monster wouldn’t even touch the pizza she only ate grapes that I brought inside with us. So I don’t think I can’t quite justify “wasting” a credit on it because I’ll still end up having to buy them something to eat.

I like your idea about really just forcing down time that might not constitute as a nap. We currently have a 5:00 ohana res. I was just telling another poster maybe I move that up just a bit and head over to the poly right after the parade

Taking a few hours at the Poly may be enough of a break. They have that astroturf grassy area right outside Capt Cooks where the kids can run around and you can sit and enjoy a dole whip!

I was going to ask what your priority rides/attractions are. I feel like we can satisfactorily ‘finish’ MK in one day on a short trip, but we tend to skip the things that take a long time, like Tom Sawyer’s Island, the character meets, and the daytime parades and shows. It also hinges on getting good FPP, like Space, Splash, BTMRR. Doing EMM eliminates the need for PP and 7DMT FPPs. If you can get your first three FPP done by noon, you also stand a good change to get more FPP for things like PotC, JC, and Buzz that typically will have a 60 minute wait. All these strategies can easily get you onto 15-20 rides by early afternoon.

I think you’re right. Having a 8:05 PPO was going to mean we needed a break regardless. I just wanted to see which option would possible get me to be able to do the most without having to run the family into the ground.

I think I’ll plan to to try RD Space and FPP splash, BTMRR, and HM. To tackle before noon and try additional fast passes/ low wait attractions after.

Follow-up question- can you meet the princess during EMM?

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Yes, Princess Fairytale Hall was open when we were there for EMM, but we didn’t do the meet and greet.

Just thought I’d let you all know based on your advice and some research I think im going to just do them both. Being that I had an 8:05 PPO for our MK day we would have had to be up and at em early anyway. I think I was worried about time and the kids being tired more than anything. However if we do the partial tickets on arrival day it will likely cut our EMM day in half so we can rest then.