EMM or HEA garden plaza party

First time post! Apologies in advance, I’m sure this has been asked before. Just wondering if you had to choose one, would you chose Early Morning Magic or the HEA plaza garden viewing party? We have not seen HEA before. Family of 3, crowd level 6 day. We do love 7DMT, but I would also value not having to fight crowds to get a good view for fireworks. Thanks for any insight!!

I would say hands down do the dessert party! It was a highlight of our last trip! Good desserts & great viewing location!

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Wow–this is a tough choice. We’ve done both and there are definite benefits of both. We loved EMM and my son keeps asking to do it again. We rode 7DMT 7 times, Pooh and PPF twice and had a get good breakfast. It was not crowded and we have some great photos in an empty Fantasyland. The HEA dessert party is really about the fireworks viewing. The desserts weren’t special, but the viewing location was and it wasn’t crowded. If I had to pick, it would be EMM. But really both are great choices.

Thank you both!

We’ve done both, and were very happy with both. I’d consider how your family deals with early mornings vs. late nights. Will getting up super early for the EMM be a struggle? Do you go to bed early and get more overwhelmed by crowds when it’s past bedtime? Personality can make a huge difference in what a family will enjoy.

I would say if you were planning on seeing HEA, I would do the dessert party. But that’s mainly because I have a very hard time with crowds and it can get really packed in the hub.

That being said, you really can’t go wrong with either. We’ve done EMM twice and have it planned again for June. DS9 and Nephew 13 love it (and I’m a big fan, too!)

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I have been going back and forth about this too. I had pretty much decided on EMM. But you all make the dessert party sound so great!!!

For my traveling party, it would be dessert party, no question. We don’t like getting up early on vacation. I liked even less how hemmed in by people I felt every time we’ve seen HEA without the benefit of a party. Because of the projections, it seems way more packed than Wishes for comparable crowd levels.