EMM or DAH at HS and scheduling dilemmas

My 180 day mark will be next week to make my ADRs, and I’m trying to decide between EMM for TSL or doing DAH for HS. Leaning towards EMM, but the dates are not yet released for July for any of the “extras.” I’m finding it hard to nail down the dining plan when I don’t know yet which days either the EMM at TSL will be or when the DAH will be at both HS and MK. Anyway, I would welcome any thoughts about experiences with EMM at TSL and DAH at HS. Also, how do you all get around the scheduling without knowing yet when the EMM’s or DAH’s will be 6 months out? Thanks!

Make your ADRs based on the information you have now. Book the ones that are most important to you. Don’t be afraid to book more than you will end up keeping and then just cancel what you don’t need when you decide on EMM or DAH. My example - I have the same ADRs on both days we plan on going to AK. When my FPP day rolls around, I will cancel one lunch and one dinner depending on when I can get FOP.


agree with @cfunkak book extra ADR’s

Thanks @Tate I learned that here. I just had my ADR day early in December so tried to soak up all the tricks. :smile:

I did the same ADRs for our two MK days and then booked EMM-Fantasyland the day before we attended (booked it 12/15 for 12/16). I had BOG ADRs for 12/16 and moved them out and then dropped them. (I would have liked to have done it sooner but needed to be onsite to sort out some tix issues prior to booking EMM-F.)