EMM is it worth it?

I have EMM booked for our November trip. For those of you who have done this before was it worth the money? I’m also curious to hear what rides would you try to hit right at RD and before breakfast. Thanks!

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Just got done doing this today. IMO, yes, it is worth it.

After about the first 25 minutes 7DMT was a walk-on. The number of times we were able to ride was only limited it took to walk back around. We were able to ride 7DMT 10x, and a few times a piece for the other two rides. By 8:58 we started toward Space and Buzz and rode this before heading back for breakfast at 9:30.

If you do, do it, I recommend riding 7DMT once at first, or going straight for the other two rides, as everyone hits 7DMT first causing waits of 5-15 minutes. Once that initial rush dies out, you’ll be able to ride with no wait.


We love EMM and have done it 4 times so far. I love getting to the park early and having a less crowded experience for a short period of time. We’ve done a couple of options at 9am. Once we headed to Space and Buzz before heading back to breakfast. Another time we hit BTMRR (I was hoping to hit Splash as well, but I felt we were cutting it too close to breakfast). I think the less stressful was Space/Buzz because they were so close.

What I really love is getting 7DMT, PP and Space out of the way and saving my fast passes for other rides!


We did it in April and definitely thought it was worth it! I agree with @FindMeAFishingSpot that it’ so nice to be in the park when it’s basically empty. Such a cool experience!

We did PP and WTP first and then hit 7DMT. DH and I took turns riding with DD7 since DD3 decided she didn’t want to ride. DD3 and I actually stopped into Pinnochio’s Village Haus quickly and got a coffee and muffin to go while we waited for DH and DD7. We got in line at Princess Fairlytale Hall at about 8:55 and got all four princesses done before heading to breakfast at about 9:35 or so. It really set us up for a great day!


Thanks for this response! Follow up question, If you had a 9:00am FPP for Splash or BTMRR, do you think that doing both attractions at RD and before breakfast is doable, while still being able to make it back in time to eat?(2 out of 4 in our party can’t ride Space Mountain)

I am planning on trying to hit Splash and BTMRR. I have a 9:00am FPP for Splash. I was going to put my kids in a stroller and run that way pre RD and do BTMRR first then use my FPP on Splash and RUN back for breakfast.

I would probably be nervous. You most likely would make it, but I know I wouldn’t enjoy it trying to rush back. I would be more likely to hit BTMRR at rope drop and FPP Haunted Mansion. My concern is that Splash is just a longer ride (and my favorite!). And we were behind the rope drop crowd for BTMRR because we were held just before the entrance to Peter Pan. If you were at the head of the crowd at BTMRR, I don’t think it would be an issue. It took us around 10-15 minutes for loading at BTMRR.


I think I am going to try it out and just know I might be rushed. My wife is going to camp out at Pinnochio’s Village Haus. So I figure she can serve our plates and get us boxes if necessary. Also, I was going to start walking over to those attraction a good 10 minutes before RD. Ugh, im going to be agonizing over this one. We go in 14 days so all FPP and reservations are set.

It’s not for me, but if someone wanted to ride 7DMT and Peter Pan a bunch of times in a row, then it would be the best way to do so. However, on other mornings, I’d rather invest in a pre-RD BoG breakfast and hope to get a couple 7DMT rides before most guests get into the park. It doesn’t work every day, but most days it does.

Hey @FindMeAFishingSpot - how did you like the breakfast? We are doing EMM for the first time this year. I was aiming to hit it later in the morning, because rides, am I right?


We have done EMM and felt it was totally worth it (which is surprising for my children who don’t like early mornings). We rode 7DMT 8x, PP 2x and Pooh 2x. We stopped by breakfast twice (once to grab a quick drink and pastry and once to sit down). At PO we went to HM and IASW before sitting down to breakfast. We love breakfast in general so we definitely enjoyed the food.

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Did you get held behind the RD crowd to get to BTMRR? I’ve heard that EMM crowds get held back at RD for Space Mountain, while the RD crowds barrel through. Was wondering if this also happens near Frontierland…

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I would do this event again in a heartbeat!

Food at the buffet: eggs, sausage links & patties, bacon, potato hash, french toast, all kinds of fruit, cheese & prosciutto, yogurt, pastries, coffee, oj, apple juice, water, danimals yogurt, milk.


It was surprisingly good. It featured a hot buffet with eggs, sausage, bacon and French toast along with several pastry items. Better than I was anticipating!


I think it was a result of the proximity to where we were held. Being before Peter Pan (on the Village Haus side), we had to cut through most of Fantasyland whereas the folks coming from the hub were closer. I believe we were let go at the same time.

For the Space Mountain side, we were held at the Teacups.


Makes sense! Thanks.