EMM HS dates for June and July released

EMM dates for summer at TSL are now showing on the calendar but I can’t reserve yet- anyone else able to?

They should be bookable within 24 to 48 hours. At least MK EMM was when released recently. Keep checking and I bet they will be bookable some time tomrrow morning.


FYI they are now bookable!!


Yep! Booked ours an hour ago! :smile: Now just waiting on DAH and FEA dessert party to be released for July…

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EMM for TSL is not showing availability (for 3 people) on June 3? No way it can be sold out already, right?

Hmmm… not sure why it’s showing no availability. I can’t imagine, either, that they would be sold out already. I’m going to check…

Okay , I don’t see availability either. I would keep checking, though. I noticed that the week before they have added a 7:00 am time slot in addition to the 7:30. Not sure what that is all about or what the difference is, but maybe more times will be added for June 3?

And, I can see availability for a prty of 1 for June 3rd, so I suppose they are sold out already for that date. But, like I said above, keep checking for them to add a 7:00 time slot?

Yeah, waiting for DAH for August!! Fingers crossed!

If it does sell out check back frequently because many dates they will add an additional slot (i.e. 7am and 7:30am on the same TSL EMM day but they let you in at the same time).