EMM for Custom Touring Plan

Does anyone know when EMM dates get added for the custom touring plan tool? I am attending EMM on May 20th but EMMs are only showing up to May 8th on the tool. I know I still have plenty of time but I’m just wondering when the rest of May will have EMM added as a plan option.


E-mail webmaster@touringplans.com about this - they are usually pretty quick to resolve these sorts of things.

I didn’t know you could do custom TPs for EMM. I’ll have to look for that too. We’ll be there the same day as you!

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Are you talking about Early Morning Magic (EMM) or Early Morning Hours (EMH)? I didn’t realize you can make a plan for EMM…

Yes, when you make a custom touring plan for MK, if it is a Early Morning Magic (EMM) day, it gives you an option to select that you are attending and it will begin your plan at 7:45am. It will also slot any SDMT, PP and Pooh rides in that first hour. They have added EMM as an option through May 22nd.

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Thanks for this info, I’ll have to check my personalized touring plans!!