EMM Fantasyland, when to book?

Hi all,
We are going in May. I wish we could book Toy Story Land EMM but I don’t know if they are going to bring that back. So if it doesn’t become an option, I think we’d like to do Fantasyland. If I book it now because there is availability, can I cancel and book TSL if it becomes open? I know it says non refundable and non transferable but I thought anything canceled before 30 days out is refundable. If I don’t book now, I’ll book by March because it will affect my park days and fast pass options. (Like won’t FP Slinky if there’s TSL EMM and won’t FP 7DMT if we do Fantasyland EMM) Do you think it would sell out by March though for May?? Sorry if this sounds confusing. Thanks for reading!

Of course you can cancel EMM. They’ll even refund you.

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