EMM Fantasyland -> RD Space Mountain -> EMM Breakfast?

Did this last week. We waited by Cosmic Rays until rope drop. Were walked over to Space. We merged with the rope drop crowd under the People Mover, with the EMM crowd slightly in front. Other folks from the rope drop crowd tried to push up front (we actually had someone say, ‘just use some elbows and push’ - it’s the thing my DS remembers the most!) but when we hit the merge at the entrance we were about 20 people back. And I am a VERY slow walker, 5 feet tall with not much pushing power :grinning:

We finished Space and did Buzz before heading to breakfast. Got there around 9:30ish.

Seems like it really just depends on the cast members involved. Bear in mind that the majority of them are simply tasked to help with the event. They aren’t regulars who do it all the time, or even necessarily ones that work at that area or park.

This is good to know. We are planning EMM on March 1 and my son doens’t ride SM, but we are avid Buzz fans.We want to grab a RD ride or 2 on buzz before heading for breakfast