EMM Fantasyland -> RD Space Mountain -> EMM Breakfast?

I’m wondering if anyone has done this and how it worked out?

My plan is basically EMM for fantasyland hit up Peter Pan and 7 Dorfs a couple times up till close to 9am RD time, then head straight to Space Mountain for a standby ride, then cut over to the Starlight Cafe for the EMM breakfast.

It SEEMS to me that this should work based on what my TP is showing me. Should be enough time to standby SM, then skirt over to the EMM breakfast before it closes.

But just because it looks sane in the TP doesn’t mean it is :slight_smile: So curious if anyone else has done this?
Also how much of the EMM breakfast is left if you get there near the cut off time?


That is exactly the plan I am going for on our trip in July. Wondering when it would be best to get into the line to get out of Fantasyland and into Tomorrowland and if we can use the shortcut path between Fantasyland and Space Mountain. WIll be following for responses. image

One of my concerns is if there is a CM playing safety car or not on the way to SM. If there is then you probably would be forced to the back of the first RD pack.

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There was another thread just like this one, where I laid out what we did and it worked well for us. Here’s the link.

The only difference is we RD’d Splash. For Frontierland, they hold you at the Haunted Mansion area until RD. I think for Tomorrowland, they hold you just on the other side of the teacups.

You will have plenty of time to RD space mtn and make it back to Starlight Cafe for breakfast.


They keep serving right up to 10 am, meaning you can actually get there at 10:00 am to pick up your food. There is no shortage of food. You have to go up to the service counter where they’ll give you a set plate that includes a pancake, 2 bacon slices, 2 sausages, and eggs. There is also a buffet area that has fruit and pastries.

Only one pancake at a time?! I might have to make several trips for my pancake loving DD! :rofl::rofl:

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Right? There’s nothing to stop you from going back 10 times for 10 pancakes, but you’ll end up with a ton of extra bacon and sausage! :slight_smile:

That shortcut path starts over by Barnstormer if I’m not mistaken. That area is not open during EMM. So, that would almost certainly take you more time. Best to wait for RD over past the teacup area and walk in front of the speedway and into Tomorrowland that way. You only have to line up about 5 minutes early. At that RD area, there will only be 20-30 people waiting, max.


That path was closed off for our trip in December due to Tron construction. Looking at the map via the MDE app shows its still closed


You can just ask a CM for a plate of pancakes, they will arrange it. I saw them go get gluten free waffles for another guest, and another person said they even have bacon and sausage alternatives.

When I went, they were holding people just before you go under the PeopleMover, between Speedway and Star Traders. DD4 still too little for Space, so we RD’d Buzz and came back to eat.


That’s good to know. That’s a much more advantageous spot than the Frontierland side (by the memento mori store).

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Good to know about the pancakes and the like.

That is absolutely never a problem.


We did this exact plan on March and it worked out just fine. As someone said, they hold you in that area past the teacups on the side of cosmic ray’s. When the fireworks go off to open the park, then you are allowed to walk down toward Space Mountain. They held us briefly right by the Astro Orbiter, before a cast member led the entire sea of humanity (the 30 or so of us from EMM and all the people coming from rope drop) to the entrance to Space Mtn.

We were finished with the ride by about 9:15 or 9:20 and could have ridden Buzz with a 15 min posted wait, but we elected to get something to eat at Cosmic Ray’s. There were plenty of people still eating there but no line for food and I had no trouble finding a place to sit.

We then went all the way over to the Haunted Mansion and only had a 5 min wait.


Just saw the comment wondering whether you’d be forced to go the end of the rope drop pack. Not sure it was clear from my post right about this one, but that was NOT our experience. The 2 packs essentially merged, but if anything, the EMM group had an easier time of it because we were able to cut the corner between the speedway and Astro orbiter.


I am doing the same thing in late August…my touring plan has me getting to SM at 9:10 am (I gather thinking I am going from the Hub instead of by the tea cups as part of EMM) but I was hoping as others have stated we can ride SM (getting possibly slightly ahead of the pack from the Hub), riding Buzz, and then getting to Cosmic Rays by 9:45 am…I guess that seems doable…my other question is what FPP to do from 9:30-10:30, 10:30-11:30, and 11:30-12:30 to max out the day for opportunity to get add’l FP with a 6 pm MK close…maybe BT coaster, SM, and Jungle Cruise if HM has a short wait around that time.


I would shoot for Space, BTMRR, Splash, 7DMT (if you want to ride again later). Those are all difficult to come by on the day of, especially as a 4th FPP. Most of the middle-tier rides like Jungle cruise, pirates, buzz, barnstormer, haunted mansion are easy to get as your 4th+ FPP.

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You won’t need 7DMT again in my opinion. You’ll be able to ride it 4-5 times in the morning. Of course, if you want to play it safe and hoard a FP now with the thought of switching it day-of after you’re sure you’ve ridden 7DMT enough, I wouldn’t argue with that strategy.

During EMM, I would suggest going to Peter Pan 1st (let everyone else go to 7DMT and clog it up in the first 5-10 min). By 8:15, you’ll probably be able to ride it over and over again.

If you do choose to FP Space, then I’d suggest going over to Pirates and Jungle Cruise at RD. I bet you could ride those 2 plus HM with very little wait because everyone else is going to RD 7DMT or Space.

I’d suggest doing BTMRR at RD, but that ride can tend to be down in the morning, and you don’t want to walk all the way over there wasting precious time only to find that it’s down.


We only got in 2 rides on 7DMT because we did all the other rides too. We were happy to have the 3rd ride on 7dmt with FPP.

The strategy all depends on CLs too. Standby for any ride on a CL 8 day will be 60 min+ for HM, JC, Pirates and it’ll be tough to get everything in that way. We tried to do Splash, then pirates and JC at RD. But, Pirates was already at 45 min at 9:20 on our recent CL 8 day and scratched that plan almost immediately.

On a CL 5 day, you might be able to ride those standby with less of a wait. But then again, on a CL 5 day you can also get FPP for those as your 4th, 5th, 6th, etc with almost no problem with the grab and modify method.


Just wanted to follow up on this now that my Vacation is over.

There were two places I could wait at. Teacups or Cosmic Ray’s. As I was already over by Teacups, I waited there but this almost bit me because the cast member at Ray’s actually let people go about 1 minute early. Those of us a Teacups pointed it out and hen we were let go as well.

However it turns out it didn’t matter, and this part actually made a few people around me pretty mad. Once we got past Cosmic Ray’s, a little ways in several cast members then held us up again and then after a few minutes started pacing us. They indeed made us wait for front of house guests to catch up, and then to make things “worse” the CMs pacing us actually moved slower so we were BEHIND the front of house guests.

In he end it still worked out better than not of course, but it took about 15 minuets if I recall to get through the queue. I got back to Ray’s for breakfast at exactly 9:30 so Rope Drop -> Walk to Space Mountain -> Ride -> Walk to Ray’s took 30 minutes.