EMM Fantasyland for Tweens (&easily themeparked out husband)

I’m curious about if Early Morning Magic hours in Fantasyland are “worth it” for my 10-11yo boys (EMM-Toy Story is sold out).

We are doing a one week trip with both Disney and Universal (Harry Potter fans). When I say worth it , I know it will still be a splurge, but I am considering EMM on our MK day to maximize our park time, especially with a husband who has a great attitude but gets worn out by crowds. We would be planning to ride most of the rides offered in EMM anyway.
Thoughts? Thank you!

We really enjoyed EMM at MK (and my DS is 12), but we like DAH even more. Any chance that will be going on during your trip?

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Good to hear that your son enjoyed it! I wish we could do AH, but we’ll be there late April/early May, so we’ll miss AH.

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My DS really did enjoy it and thinks we must do it every trip. Haha.
We rode 7DMT 8 times during EMM so he was happy about that.

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If you like the rides offered, no crowds, and wanna pig out at breakfast, it’s pretty much a no brainer (imo.) You can also consider it AT LEAST one extra fast pass for a walk on headliner before park open - I’d assume it’s really two. You’ll also get some pictures in an almost empty park. Your friends that like wdw will almost immediately wonder why there’s nobody else in your pictures.

Just remember, take careful consideration in planning the later part of the day. You might be zombies. I normally plan for a big, early, fun, ts dinner, then a dip in the pool, and early snoring.


Yes, the Fastpass thinking is a good part of it. We may eat some, though part of me thinks that going to eat during the 9-10am window loses some of the rope drop benefit.
Thank you for the reminder about the rest of our day. I’m thinking exactly what you suggested-use this to get more done early, then relaxing evening, early bed.

We waited and had breakfast around 9:30 and still had plenty of time to eat.

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