EMM at Toy Story Review

We were at the EMM on 10/24 and and here’s are review. We got to the park at 6:45a and they let us in and we walked to breakfast. We only spent 5 mins in there and just grabbed some pastries and walked to where they where holding people by the Chinese Theater. We were the first people waiting there shortly after 7:00 and they walked us back to Toy Story land at 7:15a. There was only about 20 of us walking back there as most people where eating breakfast still. My son who’s 4 got cold feet and didn’t want to ride slinky all of sudden so we did the other two rides and waited for Woody and Jessie to come out. They didn’t come out till 8:00 which I guess is not the norm, but my wife and I just took turns doing Mania/saucers with my son until they came out. At 8:10 we talked my son into slinky which he loved and where able to ride it six times in a row before the crowds came. I would strongly advise doing characters and other stuff first and then slinky. It seemed like everyone did slinky first and then everything else the second half. There were long lines for the characters by 8:20. One side note, the slinky line splits at the end between odd and even parties. When we were there the odd number line was one or two rides faster. After the park opened, we met all the Star Wars characters with no wait and then went back and ate our hot breakfast at 9:45. They even gave us a few extra donuts on our way out. Total rides: 6x slinky, 2x mania, 3 saucers, met Woody and Jessie.


Thanks for the feedback!

Lol, My brother and I were there the same morning. We were probably right next to you waiting by the theater and did not even know it. We too were among the first to go back. What a great way to see Toy Story Land. Not only can you do all the rides multiple times you also can do it during the cooler morning hours.