EMM and Minnie Van availability

Hey all! The girlfriend and I are heading to Disney World for the first time on March 3. We are doing EMM at HS and MK another day, and we were looking at taking the best transportation option to the park in the morning. It looks like the Minnie Van is probably the best option for MK, are these available that early in the morning? My EMM times at HS are 7:30am and 7:45am at MK. Was just curious if there were running at those times, since we want to be able to get to the park in the fastest amount of time, regardless of the price. Thanks again!

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Minnie Vans start running at 6:30…

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Thank you!

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I would just make sure to give yourself some wiggle room. They start at 6:30, but they aren’t always available immediately. Sometimes it’s taken a few tries for me to get one so I always make sure I’m giving myself a 15-20 minute buffer in getting one.

FWIW our EMM time at HS was also 7:30, but we arrived at the tapstyles just before 7, and they let us in with no problem. We were able to eat a light breakfast and then head to TSL as soon as it opened (about 7:20). We were there in Oct. Hope that’s helpful to maximize your EMM time. :slight_smile:


That’s very helpful, thanks! That’s what I was worried about so I’ll make sure to try to give us enough time to get one.

That’s good to know, thank you so much!

Suggest in case of problem ordering ride, have hotel concierge call for one.

How do you order a minnie van? In the MDE app?

Regular Minnie Van’s can be ordered o n the Lyft app. Handicap/ wheelchair vans by resort concierge.