Please forgive my ignorance here… Maybe I’ve been reading the Forum too much, but it seems like everyone is buying either EMM or DAH or both. I am starting to feel that now we won’t be able to enjoy our trip with just a plain vanilla TP and our three pre-selected 60-day FP’s, with extra day-of FP’s if we are lucky. I feel like we are paying a premium already to stay on-site, which used to be a benefit. Now we have the 90-day window opening for club level guests, the 60-day window opening for certain offsite hotel guests, and the reservation “practice that we shall not mention” diluting the benefits of staying on-site and “earning” that coveted 60-day window opening for FP’s. Is everyone now buying EMM and/or DAH? Also, I noticed on the WDW website that MK EMM lasts until 10:00 AM. Are guests who did not purchase EMM restricted from certain rides after park opening, but before 10:00 AM? I am confused.

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Not everyone is buying them - I’m certainly not, and the numbers for EMM in particular are very small. DAH is a lot more. They serve breakfast till 10am but the rides are all open to everyone at RD.


This is exactly what the WDW Corp want you to believe😉. RD, good TP and a relaxed approach=an amazing experience. The hard tickets are not essential and you shouldn’t feel that you have to purchase them.


You’ll be fine - the percentage of guests buying those tickets is so small! We’ve only done EMM once and never DAH in our three trips and we’ve had wonderful trips. We rarely even take advantage of EMH.


We have decided to purchase EMM Fantasyland tickets but only because we decided that buying that extra time would make sense for our already busy day. Since breakfast is included it pushed it over into the affordable range. Without breakfast, It would have been to expensive for us. I totally agree that its not necessary to buy these and still have a good time. A good TP will always help out.


You will be fine without EMM and DAH.
They are fun to do and we have done them all because we go frequently, our trips are usually short and we like to check out different experiences. They are in no way an absolute must do. I have had plenty of wonderful trips without those experiences.