EMH - yes or no?

We are vacationing July 5-10. We generally travel during non peek seasons so this will be new for us. We just decided to travel so are a little behind in the planning. Do you recommend scheduling EMH when available or just arriving early for rope drop on non-EMH days. We do have park hoppers but want to maximize our time during a busier season.

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Welcome @mojasa93!

Since you are a little behind in the planning, I think you’ll find using the EMH will be to your advantage, especially the a.m. ones as they are not as busy as the p.m. ones. Use that time to ride those rides you haven’t been able to secure FPP for, tour for a while, and then get out of the heat. You’ll find the heat and humidity are likely to have more of an impact on you than you expect, and getting in and out of it for a while will do wonders for your stamina and enjoyment of your time there. Perhaps consider a.m. EMH - break- and then hop to second park where you can make FPP there to minimize waiting then.


We were in the World last year during your travel dates - usually traveling during cooler times.

We did take advantage of EMH or rope drop depending on which park we were going to. Usually we don’t care which is our first park but for this trip we wanted MK to be first.

We tried to be at a park about 45 - 60 minutes before scheduled opening. This was to take advantage of cooler temps, and because a park will sometimes open early.

We also scheduled our first meal at 10:30. This was a switch for us from early early breakfast. We’re planning the same on our next trip. The reason was mostly early touring because of heat and early park openings.

One big difference for our touring was our complete reluctance to have our usual swim at mid-day. The weather was hot, the pool area seemed hot and our room was so nice and cool and quiet.

We had rain most afternoons. Ponchos and shoes that don’t mind being wet were a must.

We’re talking about returning for that week in 2020.