EMH vs lower crowd level

My husband and I are visiting WDW for the first time as adults for our 5 year anniversary. The only days we could travel are Dec. 20-23

To make a long story short…when trying to pick a day for Epcot, is it better to pick the day with evening EMH or the day when it has a lower crowd level?

Dec 22 estimates the crowds to be at an 8, but no EMH in the evening

Dec 23 estimates the crowds to be at a 10, but the hours are extended 9:30-11:30

Hope this isn’t too redundant…I searched for the answer, but couldn’t find it!

thank you:)

At those high crowd levels, i’d go for the 8 day. But I’m not a night owl. :slight_smile: Which day fits your touring style better? Will you stay to the very end of EMH? I don’t think the higher crowds are worth the extra hours unless you’re olanning to use all the time.

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If you have a park hopper, I would visit Epcot at RD on the 8 day and get out for or after lunch and hop later to a less crowded park. On the EMH night, I would visit there for dinner with an ADR and stay late if it’s managable.

We are going at a very crowded time too (7-9) and are hitting RD everyday and getting out by 1pm. we are planning on saving FPP"s for the afternoon/evening some days. Other days, we are going to try for the 4th plus options in the afternoons, knowing that the “e-ticket rides” will prob not be available. But with crowds of 8 plus everything gets big lines I think!

What are other Liner strategies for crazy crowd days? ( besides staying home! Hahaha)

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We were leaning towards going on the 8 day and skipping the EMH, but I never thought of BearsMom2011 suggestion - leaving at lunch

Thank you!


We went high crowd days this past august (up to 10 on EP day).

Strategy - Used personalized touring plan for first time in over 30 trips. Had always gone by recommemded touring plans in UG before, but had always gone on lower crowd times of year. So I felt that upping the game plan was in order, also since 4 and 2 yr olds in party.

Worked like a charm. No lines, except a couple short ones when TT and Maelstom rides broke down.

I opted to forego park hopper this trip, to save $ on 5 tickets for fam. There for morn EMH days 3 of 5 park day (would have gone more EMH days if available) Rd every day.

Left park on average about noon each day, which as previous poster said is key on busy days, IMO. Went back around early dinner time, if dinner in park, or after early dinner if elsewhere.


Definitely agree with @staza on making PTPs. Figure out what attractions you want to do and make PTPs for each day. Choose the one which works better for you.

In general, you only want to go to an EMH park if you are actually going to take full advantage of the extra hours.

Thank you!

I think this is the strategy we’ll be trying. Using the emh and then hopping to park with lower crowd level.
I’ve. Our first day emh evening is epcot so I’m thinking well rope drop MK as want to go there first anyway. Go back to resort for rest then epcot for the evening.

To me the answer hinges on what aspect of EP is more important to you - riding the FW rides, or enjoying the cultural aspects of WS. WS is my favorite place in WDW, and PM EMH at EP is one of my all-time favorite things to do. In my own experience, I have not noticed PM EMH at EP to have a significant impact on RD crowds.

On a high crows day, you’ll want to be at the gates at LEAST an hour before RD and “walk with purpose” to either TT or Soarin (assuming you have FPPs for the other one). I prefer Soarin’ because as soon as I finish I can go over to Living with the Land before the lines build too much for it - but it’s really a personal preference. If you are interested in Mission SPACE, I recommend getting FPPs for it as well. I usually get SE as my 3rd FPP because it’s one I don’t want to miss. Seas, Energy, and Imagination rarely have really long lines (and if the line for the Nemo ride is long, you can skip it and enter the pavilion through the exit and enjoy the rest of the Seas exhibits).

If you have PHs, to me the answer is easy - Do RD at EP and hit the FW attractions hard, using lower RD crowds and FPPs to get as much done as possible. Consider having lunch in WS. If the crowds/lines seem “reasonable” stay at EP. If it seems too crowded, hop to another park (maybe pick up a 4th/5th FPP while you’re there) and spend the afternoon there. Then, hop back to EP for dinner and some EMH touring.

If you don’t have PHs I’d still go to EP for RD, and if the crowds are too much mid-day, leave the park and do some resort touring (GF, AKL, and WL are all especially pretty at Christmas time), and then hop back for dinner and WS touring.

In any case, do NOT miss IllumiNations with the Holiday finale.