EMH Touring plan with Saucers before Slinky

My DHS plan has us arriving at EMH park opening (8am) on 23-Sep-2018.

We were unable to get FP+ for Slinky (FP+'ing Mania on arrival partial-day Friday 21-Sep-2018) so I have decided to utilze this days FP+ at Epcot when we park hop.

The crux of my query is why Slinky should be ridden second after Saucers. Maybe a ride capacity issue??? I just assume (I know it makes an a$$ out of U and Me) that everyone floods Slinky and lines immediately jump and stay higher than Saucers.

Any thoughts from others who have EMH rope dropped Slinky/Saucers combo, or who might be able to interpret the touring plan algorithms better than I?

I could have written this post. I’m in the exact same dilemma except my dates are different and I am hopping to AK after! :slight_smile:

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I can’t speak to this with any direct knowledge.

But, the ride capacity of Slinky Dog would be higher than Alien Saucers. So, if you go to Slinky Dog first, you get through it quickly, but then everyone who gets off it goes immediately to Alien Saucers. This makese the increase in wait time for Alien Saucers go up considerably more.

But if you only wait a short time for Alien Saucers, the amount of time the queue for Slinky dog will go up after you get off AS will not go up as much.

To make up numbers, what you show is that you wait 16 minutes plus 20 minutes for the two rides if you go in that order. But if you do Slinky Dog first, you might end up with wait times of 10 minutes for SD and then 40 minutes for AS. Total wait time, then, is less if you do AS first.

I can’t say that this is true, just working things out as a possibility.

If you reorder those two items, what does TP predict instead?

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Yeah, that is exactly what the TP shows. I am not willing to assume we will be any further forward than middle of the pack, which I know plays a big part in an actual TP vs theory.

8 minute extension of total wait time.

@ryan1 do you believe TP has enough EMH AM data at this time to make a decent prediction on EMH AM wait times?

I have no idea. :slight_smile:

I believe they have done EMH every day since TSL opened. Every random day I have checked in July indicates that the HS crowd levels are lower than predictions. I wonder why that is…

I think that they still don’t have enough data to be giving very accurate predictions. Especially since the park has been opening at 7AM for EMH every day & the park is opening at 8AM ever since they opened. They still have no real data on an operating day with the hours that you will have.
Since you know that you are going to be doing them both in that time slot, I would just periodically evaluate/optimize that day and expect that you will get better data in late Aug early Sept.
I am going in early Sept, same hours - an 8AM EMH, I have a SDD FPP late morming so I am going to RD TSMM & AS2 - they are giving me 8 minutes for TSMM at 8AM which would be nice, but I am doubful LOL

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Having spent some time in Toy Story Land last week, including one EMH RD, I think this is a scenario much like 7DMT in the MK, where if you’re at the front of the pack, then you’ll get on the ride with no wait, but if you’re not, then you’ll end up waiting for quite a bit (relatively speaking), since nearly everyone headed to Toy Story Land will ride SDD first, so if you go on one of the other attractions the it’ll be pretty much a walk-on.

During morning EMH last Sunday, 7/15 I was about 6 rows back of people from the rope when Andy’s Backyard opened, got to the SDD queue before 6:40 AM and was done with the ride by 6:54 AM. I then rode Swirling Saucers and was done that by 7:15 AM (that should’ve been a lot earlier, though, because the ride was only running at half capacity, with one side of saucers down). I then met up with relatives, got back in line for SDD at 7:18 AM, waited 25 minutes, and was done the ride at 7:54 AM. This isn’t exactly the same as a later EMH morning in September, but hopefully they’ll still be opening Toy Story Land a little ahead of the scheduling park opening after summer is over.

So, based on my experience, I’d leave the plan as is, but try to get two SDD rides by arriving early enough to be at the front of the RD pack, then riding again after Swirling Saucers. I also think the Swirling Saucers wait time is a little inflated and I think that waiting under 30 minutes for a second Slinky Dog ride during morning EMH is a reasonable expectation.


Def go straight to Slinky at DHS, 7DMT at MK, FoP at DAK and either FEA or Soarin at EP. I’d ignore any TP that says something different…unless I wanted to wait in a longer line. :slight_smile:

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