EMH Question

Hey Everyone - My wife and I are heading to Disney in September. One of the days, my brother-in-law is going to meet up with us to head to Animal Kingdom. I noticed that day has EMH from 7 - 8 AM. If I bought my BIL’s ticket and he’s on my MDE account, will he be able to get in at 7 with us? Or will it prevent him since he isn’t listed on our resort reservation?

Thank you!

If he is not staying on property, then no, he will not be able to utilize the EMH.


That’s what I thought. Thanks for the help!

He could have a lie in and rope drop it to meet you. And you can book his FPs with yours.

Yeah, I booked his FPs. Was hoping to rope drop Na’vi River, but might be difficult with EMH and him not being able to get in.

Oh well, at least we have FoP FPs!

Well, remind him that people get in before actual rope drop time, so he could hopefully be in Pandora at the start of “park opening”.

The line for Navii shouldn’t be too long at that point as most of those rope dropping will want to FoP.