EMH or CRT pre-RD

Hello everyone,

I’m SO excited to have landed here! We are planning our very first trip in June 2018. I have been looking through the topics and everyone is so helpful…and everything seems so overwhelming! My 180 days is right after Christmas and I’d love to nail down my parks soon. We are going from June 26-July 3. We are staying at AoA. We have 4 kiddos 11,11,6,5 and my parents…who are super active, the kids and my parents! :wink: I have 3 day tickets and plan on doing Epcot, MK, AK. We are also doing BBB in DS for the three girls…11,11,5. They all love princesses, still. I thought we could enjoy it more on a non-park day and then spend more time doing other things in MK. We are also taking our 11 year olds to Universal one day for a full Harry Potter day. The two little ones will have a pool day with the grandparents. So…that was probably way too much info! If you are still reading…

My original question…should we try really hard for a pre-rope drop breakfast at CRT on a 9am day or go to the day (projected for Friday the week we are there) that has 8am EMH and do CRT for lunch? Are the princesse different for breakfast and lunch? If we did CRT for breakfast, we were hoping for the latest BOG lunch. If we did CRT for lunch, maybe we would just skip BOG? We are also not on a dining plan. We are not looking to do a lot of TS, so it didn’t make sense for our family. I would love your thoughts and advice.

Many thanks!!

Can I make another suggestion? How about a 8:00 BOG breakfast (you can order 4 meals and split) and then a CRT lunch. That will get you to the front of the crowd at opening, and most likely a ride on 7DMT before opening.

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Is this your first visit? Are your kids morning people? We have two kids (7 and 11) I personally would not do rope drop or do an early morning breakfast - but my perspective is that this is a vacation and I don’t want to have to hound everyone to wake up early and get out the door. If everyone wakes up early and we get out the door, cool, but other than getting to each park before 10 (and Hollywood close to opening to sign up for Jedi training) I try to keep it low key.

I also skip parks with EMH because I think they end up more crowded.

I would expect each TS to take at least 90 minutes so with two TS reservations you would lose 3 hours of riding rides. And MK is huge with so much to do! BOG for lunch is quick service. It’s still very nice but it’s a different dinner experience and would be a faster lunch than CRT.

Are you staying in a suite at AOA with a kitchenette? One thing we do is order grocery delivery from Garden Grocers and eat all breakfasts in the room. It saves time and money.

I agree with Pricipal’s suggestion. A Pre-Park opening breakfast at BOG can give you an advantage on the RD crowd. We were able to get 2 rides on SDMT and then moved to PPF and got in line right before the crowds. Then we moved on to other rides and stayed ahead of the crowds. CRT will be a longer experience and would be a great afternoon break.


We are a RD family (DD10 and DS12). We were first at CRT in the morning and became “first family”. This meant each of the Princesses came to our table first. We didn’t feel rushed at all. We weren’t first in line for 7DMT

Sorry! But our wait was only about 10 min

We enjoyed BOG for dinner as the Beast is there. It’s a different experience from CRT so we really enjoyed both. Sorry for the divided answers, I’m having phone issues

Thanks everyone! Great suggestions for a newbie. We are most definitely morning people. My kids are up between 5:30-6:30 am…every.single.day! But, they go to bed fabulously, so I’ll take it! I am also a big morning person, too, so getting to the parks early seems perfect for us. Now, I’m thinking Friday, June 29th might be a good MK day for us. It has AM EMH, but a crowd level of only 6. Sat and Sunday are a 5 and 4??? Wed and Thursday are 7s. For the week we are there, most parks are 7s. Are weekends really less crowded? If we do EMH on Friday, we could do a late lunch at CRT and have lots of morning time for rides. A little bonus, If we plan BBB at DS for Thursday, they can wear their princess sash and tiara the next day in the park. Thank you again to all who replied!! It gives me so much to think about. :smile: