EMH morning HS

Has there been a extra magic hour in the morning at HS since the boarding groups have started for RotR? I am feeling leary about planning my HS day with the morning hours as I can’t wrap my head around how it will go smoothly with trying to get in a boarding group after the EMH park opens, and making sure I have service/not on a ride right at regular opening time. I am thinking of switching my plans just to avoid this!! Help! (FP day is in two days).

No I don’t believe there has been one yet.

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Nope. They have been opening earlier for all guests as crowds dictate, but no EMH since RotR opened.

FYI - MMRR FPP just opened up today. It is in the same Tier as SDD & MF:SR. GL!

FWIW, I believe there was one. And it was a mess. It was back when they were opening BG prior to park opening, and EMH guests were on rides so missed the announcement and missed out on BGs. Total fiasco! There hasn’t been one since.

It wouldn’t be as bad as that knowing the BG open at park opening (as opposed to an unknown PPO time), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep moving the EMH to evening until BGs go away.

Might not be a bad idea to have a rough plan laid out for each possibility.

They are doing an evening EMH on 3/8, but I will be at MK that day. :frowning:

Thanks everyone! This is for Easter Sunday, and I have park hoppers and we are staying until the 18th. I do have other days I can visit HS. I do right now have two plans.

-HS plan is basically do HS all day, try to get a BG, get 3 FP in that park, hopefully with one tier 1. I do have a res. for Oga’s at 7pm.

-My other plan is to eat breakfast PPO at BOG, spend the morning at MK with no fast passes, then hop to AK for 3 FP. If we are done early enough and HS changes to late EMH maybe we will hop there just to check out the new star wars land as it will be my husband’s first full day at the parks and I know he will be itching to see the land.

Yes, this happened to us. Sunday December 8th!

Park opened for EMH. Boarding groups randomly dropped at like 7:18 am after they said they would open at regular park opening. People waiting at taps for regular opening got BGs while EMH guests were mid ride on ToT and such.

It was chaos. We got 44 at 7:20 am but that was an afternoon time and we had to leave at noon.