EMH Morning Epcot - Is it possible to do Soarin, Test Track and Frozen before 9am?

Crowd Calendar says a 4, mid April Thursday. Has anyone accomplished this? We can’t do the single rider line at Test Track.

Your first problem will be whether TT is operating properly. It doesn’t have a great reliability track record, and if you leave it until the last of the 3 the line will likely have grown.

You might be able to get in line for TT by 9am, if that counts.

But I have never tried, so feel free to ignore my POV!

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TT is one of the few rides that has a single rider line. Could you use that? DH waited about 15 min using Single rider. Not bad wait time when you don’t have a FP!

Here is a great video that shows the team from TP trying to accomplish that very thing… spoiler alert, they don’t bc TT is down, but watch it, it give you some great info.


It’s gonna depend on the crowd. You should be able to do 2 BEFORE the park opens. If 9am is a hard stop, I dunno. The big issue is FEA being so far from the other 2. Such a hassle. I’d prioritize.

Also, what will help your cause, is being one of the first in line for emh entry.

Frankly, just for my fam, we’d do tt Twice, and Soarin twice instead of the hassle of Fea but, everyone is different.

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Thanks for posting this video @carthy15!! Perfect timing for me.

@mgentsch too bad you can’t use single rider! I have never ridden it (guess I should turn in my liner card?!). DD7 tells me she will ride it this year so I finally will get to experience it.

I’m going in 3 weeks. Entering international gateway, plan to do FEA and Soarin in approx 1st hour with TT FPP a little later. Not an EMH day. Think this a projected CL5 day. Do you have a projection for your day, does the TP show you can do it?

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By the way, this is a great video, one of the best they’ve done. I originally didn’t even have FEA in our TP, wasn’t sure my family was up for it or that we could reasonably do it. This video convinced me we could get that and Soarin reasonably done without FPP

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YES me too! I thought the video was great!

My only hang up is I have a 7 year old who refuses to ride Soarin’! From recent Liner reports, it sounds as though I may have a hard time getting a rider swap… :frowning:

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Thank you, I like the idea of doing Soarin twice and TT twice then FEA later!

If we do Soarin the TT then FEA according to the plans we can make it to FEA right at 9. I just didn’t know what to expect lines wise on an EMH morning.

We do have a FP for FEA so we will just save that.

They did a video at rope drop at each park. I really like this format. My favorite series of videos so far!

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I watched the video which was awesome, but how do you fit in TT if it is having difficulties in the morning? They mention in the video that this happens a lot, but I don’t remember much advice on how to plan around that or change plans if you don’t choose your Tier 1 FPP for TT. We chose FEA for our FPP.

I think that is because their recomendation is to get TT as your FPP due to the instability of the ride. If you choose FEA then you are taking your chances with TT being operational that morning. I personally would do FEA then Soaring first thing and TT FPP. One option if your heart is set on FEA for your FPP is to do single rider. My sister was just there and she waited 30 minutes in the SBL. So that isn’t too bad. I guess it will depend on what day you go

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Ok, now that you mention it, I remember them talking about FPP for TT. My youngest child is only 37", so my reason for FPP on FEA is that we can all ride it together, and regardless of how we ride TT and Soarin’ she will not get to ride them, and we’ll have to switch off, which takes up more time. I wanted to be sure we all get to ride together on the ride we are all tall enough to ride. Another reason is I’m trying to minimize walking where I can since the park is huge and I really want my kids to last through World Showcase in the early afternoon. I’m also not sure if my 9 and 7 year olds will be interested in riding TT, so I didn’t want to schedule it with a FPP on a maybe. (Trip is a surprise until about a month away.)

Makes sense. We have to tour with what is best for the entire party and it sounds like that is what you have done. Like I said, my sister was just there and only had to wait 30 minutes for standby, so that is always an option.

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Fantastic video! We have a 7:30 Bon Voyage Breakfast at Boardwalk. I’m thinking rope drop Frozen, then Anna/Elsa, then fpp TT. Does that sound like a solid plan? We will see Soarin on a second Epcot day or maybe on this day if we’re fortunate enough to snag a 4th fpp.

Or how big a wait would we have at soarin if we rode stand by after Anna/Elsa?

Wow! Sounds like an excellent plan to me! Have a wonderful time and check out the other video where they rope drop MK. It is awesome too!


There are also same day FPP drops for TT. So you could schedule your FPP early & watch to grab TT as your 4th.

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