EMH Logistics

So since I have never had park hopper tickets, I have never done EMH. Will be doing early and late once each on my upcoming trip. What are the logistics here - how do they know you are one of the chosen ones?

Staying at Dolphin (so not technically on property but sort of) if that changes anything.

For mornings, in order to get past any ropes etc holding regular guests (such as at the Hub at MK) they will scan magic bands. Everyone will need one to get past.

In the evenings, they also scan magic bands at each ride. Sometimes just one per group, sometimes everyone. In addition, we have been at MK where roaming CMs are scanning bands to check and redirect non-resort guests to the exit. We also saw this at DHS, not so much at Epcot (never been to evening EMH at AK).


My experience has varied with this. They say you need to bring a room key to show you are at the swan or dolphin. I always do this just in case.

Theoretically, they should be able to tell from your MDE account that you are onsite. They always scan my magic band but then they usually ask where I’m staying. I’ve never had any trouble but i think one time they did ask for the room keycard.

I’ve only done morning EMH when staying there. For evening, they will scan at the entrance to each attraction and it should work the same way.


not necessarily true since swan and dolphin guests don’t automatically get them. I never know for sure if when they scan my band if it shows that I’m staying at the dolphin since they ask me where I’m staying sometimes. They usually just say okay when i tell them the dolphin.


Good point. I forget that about those resorts.

Bring room cards to be safe!


wait so one night at swolphin gets you access to EMH for multiple day/weeks?

Im assuming they dont scan the roomcad to check its attached to an actual room thats currently being used!

If you have one night on site, you get two days of EMH if there are any. Check-in day and check-out day. So the card is being used and yes they will scan it. But you can use all facilities of the resort and WDW for both of the days.

And yes Swolfin is effectively on property - just no dining plan and no magical express

I really don’t know. MDE links the reservation to allow you to make FPP at 60 days. I suspect maybe when they scan your ticket or magic band they are actually able to tell you are on site and just ask what hotel to confirm. I don’t remember being asked every time and i definitely wasn’t asked at the tapstiles, only by CMs with portable scanners.

We just stayed at Dolphin last week. We had magic bands and when we went to EMH at AK they scanned just one in our party, no problem being let through.