EMH hours not showing up in TP

We are planning to attend EMH evening hours in MK on July 10. I have it marked in our TP to utilize those extra 2 hours, but every ride I have chosen is showing N/A from 10pm-midnight. Why?

So, I am not usre if I have something wrong in my touring plan setting or if it is just not possible to get estimated wait times for extra magic hours? (evening EMH). I have searched the forum, and it seems like it has been possible for others and it seems like I have the settings correct, but I still get “N/A” for any time after 10pm. EMH is until midnight on the evening we are planning to go to MK…

Given that July is so far in the future, it may be that TP hasn’t updated the hours yet. Can you link your TP here? You have to first allow for it to be published.

Are you able to post it here so we can take a look and help? If you have a ride in there that is not open for EMH, all the other rides after will say N/A for the time. That could be the issue.

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I’ll try in just a little bit…break over and kids coming into classroom…

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Okay - trying to share the plan here to view…MK July 10

No, can’t see it. You need to edit the plan, tick the ‘publish this plan’ button, and then it will generate an url written on the plan that you have to copy and paste here.

Okay trying this again…


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Yes it worked. TTA isn’t open for evening EMH, that’s your issue.

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Thanks - will remove it and see if that solves the problem…

Removing TTA worked. With the after fireworks dessert party, I guess I won’t be riding TTA at night when it’s dark - that is on my MK “bucket list” but will have to wait for another trip or see if I can switch up our TP for our other night at MK…